Posted by: Dawud Israel | June 9, 2007

Reflecting on the Salam

The phrase “As salaam aleikum” (Peace be upon you) amazes me. What struck me today is that Allah made it such that it can be said anywhere and everywhere. In Islam we are not suppose to mention Allah’s name in the washroom. And this is why we say “Ghufranuk” (Forgive me) when we leave the washroom–because we are unable to remember Allah at that moment in time.

But if someone calls out to you while you are in the washroom–you can shout back “Wa aleikum as salam” (And upon you be peace) so you can fulfill a religious duty, while not mentioning Allah’s name in this state. Allah designed the salam perfectly for the Muslim and his situations. Are we Muslims designing ourselves for Allah?


  1. I heard you aren’t supposed to exchange salam in the bathroom because As-Salam is one of the 99 attributes. Is that incorrect?

    • Yeah I thought about that too. Maybe it has to do with your niyyah (intent) in returning salam as “peace” and not The Peace (as-Salam)?

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