Posted by: Dawud Israel | August 24, 2007

In Religious News

Harun Yahya will you please stand up!

Wow…wild times. Harun Yahya is getting his beef on with the crew at
I gotta give him props for standing up–although I am surprised the Turkish government would allow this since they aren’t very fond of religion.

Mother Teresa will you please sit down!

And Mother Teresa turns out to be an atheist or very confused at best. Christianity to me has always seem dark and depressing. When I watched the Passion I was touched in that it was a good film–but I believed the film-maker to be a depressed, suicidal whacko.

I think that darkness is so overwhelming in Xty that it has painted all who touch it. Churches and cathedrals have always permeated an empty darkness, a scathing absence. Even these Christian saints suffocate for years in the darkness. The Gothic element can only remind you of Satan–not God.

And then I look at Islam and the addiction to the Qur’an I know we all relish in. How sweet is it that in those 5 prayers I find Allah so close that it seems I have earned 500 prayers. Are there not times when you fall to sleep in the dark and feel as if Allah is completely surrounding you in light? Subhana Allah!

I feel sad for Mother Teresa that perhaps she didn’t find Allah. Or perhaps she did. In complete darkness–one candle is more than enough. Sad she did not have that. May Allah show her His mercy. Ameen.

And so to conclude the world shall never be equal!

Some reflections on the notion of Equality in the dunya:

“‘Donkey say the world no level’–to use another Jamaicanism–and the burdened beast in daily contact with the earth knows very well that ‘equality’ is not in the nature of things.”
–King of the Castle, Gai Eaton. pg 83

I think one thing we can learn is that without inequality would there even be an opportunity to perform a good deed? I mean if we were all well off what would allow us to perform harm or good. I can no longer help the poor, wage Jihad or even complain to my Lord regarding injustices. What reason do I have now for religion?
I think equality and inequality are eternally tied to the world of good and bad. Subhana Allah–Allah’s creation is vast!

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdik ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.


  1. “When I watched the Passion I was touched in that it was a good film–but I believed the film-maker to be a depressed, suicidal whacko.”

    Subhanallah, that movie was nothing but a true slander against Isa ibn Maryam (AS)…

  2. […] and this is very dangerous. Even in the Christian tradition there is a strong element of Gothic sadness that amounts to some very frightening thoughts. But the Muslim has solutions and […]

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