Posted by: Dawud Israel | August 26, 2007


I posted this on Maniac Muslim. I think this is something pivotal for me. Re-looking at concepts we think we understand–but really don’t because we don’t understand them in the Islamic context. I am going to be posting the reflections I get from this here.

I have been thinking about the very notion of obedience. Everything in human culture is about obeying something or someone.
In Islam we obey Allah–but what else can take this place?

We “obey” Allah and His Messenger SAAWS. There are times when people think it “just” to question Islam. What then of those who did not question those who went astray? ‘Everything must be questioned and reformed’ is the self-righteous attitude people adopt when it comes to Islam–and action then is followed by. But what about the governments, the corporations, the industries, actually what about society in general (I am thinking about the West), do these not require a greater, more pressing overhaul than God? Aren’t the glasses we view the world with in need of regular cleaning?

We “obey” kaffirs by dressing like them, speaking like them and thinking like them. We satisfy the whims of the billboards and the companies. An image is set before us and we are all to make it a reality. We conform to them. We live and function on their terms, not ours. If I ask “why?”, I am guessing someone who is afraid to think about this will say, “Why not?”

We “obey” rulers by giving into their propaganda. We believe the sheep are in power–but never taking notice of the wolves that act as shepherd. We say, “Oh there is nothing that we can do” when an unjust act is committed and then submitting to them. Political thinkers have said, “People get the government they deserve”–if the people don’t want to take an active part in their government that rules over them, than who else is to blame but the people? Yeah you can talk, discuss and debate–I know it’s more for pleasure because where are the fruits?

You see the injustices. Everywhere. We have the choice to correct things. We have every choice to rebel against them. We have every choice to throw away the shackles and do as we know is right. We have every choice to go as far as taking up arms for what we recognize as just.
Is it that we are to afraid of what will happen to us? Is it because we don’t want to upset the disquieting peace that conformity has set up? What really does 3 square meals a day and an illusion of safety matter–when you will die either way?

Sacrifice to society is self-defeat. The only real sacrifices are made out of obedience to God against society.

Enough rambling.

So my question to you is this: Are we as humans, by definition, creatures of obedience? Are we always looking to obey someone, something or some being, knowingly or blindly? Have you noticed that when people ‘believe’ they are ‘revolting’–they are actually obeying someone, or some norm? Can you classify ‘obeying’ others besides Allah, more sincerely, as a type of shirk?

I want to hear your responses because it ties in with the very definition of Islam and the significance of how it ties in with human psychology.

Subhana kallhumma wa bihamdik ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.


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