Posted by: Dawud Israel | October 13, 2007

Eid Biryani and Dunya-Altering Quran!

Eid Mubarak to one and all…enjoy these mind-boggling images of Eid Biryani. Place unknown but looks like an Arab country to me. Lucky! (Click on them to get a better view)



Eid Biryani!

In other news I got to finish my reading of the Qur’an with translation and tafsir all in Ramadan. Alhamdulillah, I learned a lot along the way. If you have never read the Qur’an in Arabic with English translation at the same time, than do it! It’s much much more enjoyable than doing the traditional reading of only the Arabic. You are actively engaged in what is going on and your eeman seems to fly higher. Not only that but you pick up fusha Arabic along the way. I had way too many Quran Jams (Islamic reflections) that I wanted to post on the Quran Jam website so I noted them and will return to them and compile them Insha Allah! Once again, if you haven’t done this–than please try it! It’s amazing how many Muslims live their life without knowing what Allah has to say to them.

Other benefits include getting smarter. After reading some 1200 pages for about 2 hours daily you are bound to get a faster reading speed and more used to reading more. Not only that, but it pushes you to think, because the content of The Book varies from laws to history, you get a taste of everything. Every great story that could ever be told is there in the Qur’an whether it’s about pain, family or love and maybe that’s why we don’t see people teach their children the meaning of the Qur’an because it would mean explaining certain taboos such as divorce, war and sex. Also your tajweed (reciting skill) gets better as you keep going.

When you start reading Qur’an at this high volume on a regular basis you will find that ayahs seem to come to your head as if they float through the air. You will randomly recite ayahs or hear them in your ears while doing anything, even sinning which may strike one as odd, but that’s the best time to perceive the words of Allah. Even when you dream, everything will be in Qur’anic Arabic and in that dream-like state will carry an even more devastatingly powerful meaning. It’s as if your whole life now operates to the rhythm of the Qur’an–you have been so heavily saturated by the Qur’an that everything changes, the dunya is altered. And when this happens…I swear by Allah, everything seems to work out beautifully. It’s as if a portion of Qur’an’s nobility and beauty has been transfered over into the very essence of the one reciting it.

You do not possess the Qur’an. It possesses you.
In short: Get addicted to the Qur’an! đŸ™‚

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdik ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.


  1. MashaAllah… đŸ™‚

  2. marshallah i really want to try reading translationed quran to be honest i find it a bit boring to read the quran in normal style đŸ˜® but anywayz thanx 4 de idea

  3. i may be a little late but may i no what the pictures are is it a massive biryani or somthing

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