Posted by: Dawud Israel | October 16, 2007

DLR: The True Religion of God by Bilal Philips

The True Religion of God by Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

This is a short little booklet that I had seen and at first glance thought it out of date but only after having read a recommendation did I decide to pick it up. It’s fairly short. The good things about this book is that it’s crystal clear simple. This book is essentially all about Tawheed. I’ve heard of one brother coming to Islam because of this book–but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more.

He has some interesting arguments that I’ve never heard before which only seem logical. This is in regards to Allah being present in all things or in idols or certain (false) ‘prophets’:

“Those who have claimed divinity for themselves down
through the ages have often based their claims on the mistaken belief that
Allah is present in man. They merely had to assert that although Allah
according to their false beliefs, is in all of us, He is more present in them
than in the rest of us.” (pg. 5)

He mentions other religions and refutes them easily. He even goes as far as mentioning the “fitrah” or the “mithaq” as well (pg. 10), which some Muslims do not even know about. And he also uses the dog peeing on the idol story:

“For example, in the South Eastern region of the Amazon jungle in Brazil,
South America, a primitive tribe erected a new hut to house their main idol
Skwatch, representing the supreme God of all creation. The homage to the
God, and while he was in prostration to what he had been taught was his
Creator and Sustainer, a mangy old flea-ridden dog walked into the hut, The
young man looked up in time to see the dog lift its hind leg and pass urine
on the idol. Outraged, the youth chased the dog out of the temple, but when
his rage died down he realized that the idol could not be the Lord of the
universe. Allah must be elsewhere.” (pg. 11)

The only thing that made me nervous about reading this was that it was somewhat old. I know there are some negative vibes surrounding Bilal Philips but regardless, this booklet is one of the best. He quotes the Qur’an nicely and makes things simple. All-in-all this is really good Dawah to Non-Muslims material. The only thing it doesn’t do is actually ask the reader if they want to convert to Islam–but that is a new trend in Dawah today so that really isn’t a valid criticism for this old booklet.

As far as I know the copies of this booklet are limited in North America. They get printed overseas and then are brought over here but because of certain restrictions there is a limited amount. I just might re-do the aesthetics of this one just so it can be distributed more easily, Insha Allah!

You can read it here: The True Religion by Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdik ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.


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