Posted by: Dawud Israel | October 21, 2007

Easiest Dawah Ever!

EDIT: Mind Map download available



You walk into a public library and search out all the books they have on Islam. To your dismay you find only a few good books and countless anti-Islamic books. Now you have two options: 1) You don’t come back here and look elsewhere for books 2) You make this problem, your problem and do something about it.

What can you do?

1) You can go out and purchase Islamic books (not just any books, but books you know are quality literature) and after reading them, taking notes and extracting all you can, you donate them to the public libraries or sell them to your local bookstores. This strategy requires thinking like a do-er, not a follower–being a part of the action, not a spectator. I have seen this strategy used by Qadiyani people where their books could not be removed.

2) You visit those libraries and request books for the library to purchase and put on the shelves. If the libraries offer an “Interlibrary Loan” this is not what you are looking for as it is simply borrowing from another library far away. You want them to buy the book and put it on the shelves. Typically this is called something similar to “Suggest a Title” and since it is a public library, they will listen to you.

As for bookstores they will put it on the shelf because they want people to buy, and if you come off as being knowledgeable and experienced they will trust your judgment.

3) You visit those libraries take those books of the shelves and ‘misplace’ them throughout the building in places people are likely to look at or sit by. The whole idea is that people will be sitting around and see an interesting looking book on the table and skim through them and say, “Hey this looks good!” This is especially effective if the book has an awesome front cover or book title.

Benefits of this?

-requires zero dawah experience

-gets a big message out there

-you do it with the littlest amount of effort and time

-everything is left to Allah–whether someone picks up the book and becomes Muslim or not

-you remain unaware of the reward so there is little pride in your heart

-people value it more because this is their own personal discovery

Think about it, where is the first place a non-Muslim would go to seriously learn about Islam? To the BOOKS!

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdik ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.


  1. wow

    that’s a really good idea


  2. MashaAllah, these are great ideas. I will do these as much as I can inshaAllah. Thank you for the post. I was about to write a complaint letter to the Downtown library couple of months ago for the amount of anti-Islamic literature they had without the slim offset for honest authorship. I didn’t because I felt, they would just dismiss it regardless.

  3. Just want to say Jazak Allahu khayr for putting them into PDF, they are of more benefit as i can share them now.

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