Posted by: Dawud Israel | October 21, 2007

Free Quran vs. Selling Quran?

EDIT: Mind Map download available



Benefits of giving Free Quran to non-Muslims

-everyone gets one

-quick and easy

Drawbacks of giving Free Quran to non-Muslims

-need lots of money or good financial backing

-supplies run out quick

-given for free so is seen as having less value, instantly and will be thrown around or disrespected

-Muslims want free Qurans even though they rarely read it!

-Islamophobes can horde all the Qurans and hinder Dawah

Benefits of selling Quran to non-Muslims

-only the people who are interested get one so sincerity

-generate money to continually support dawah

-people value it more and since they bought it–they will value it

Drawbacks of selling Quran to non-Muslims

-Muslims complain everything should be for free

Conclusion: I am against handing out the Qur’an for free and I feel selling it is better as it means people will value it and make dawah more successful. Think about the last time you were given an advertisement or flier at your mosque and you’ll realize what I mean. Your concern is how the material will be taken by the people you are doing Dawah too–not how you feel. You can use whatever money you make to continue your dawah. This also has the benefit of setting up a business transaction into the Dawah and most non-Muslims are more comfortable with a business transaction, where they have experience, than the stigmatized preaching which is seen as going against society. Also, unless a personal friend has given you a Quran than and only then will it be valued because it’s given with sincerity and you trust the person.

After seeing Christians handing out Bibles by the hundreds and seeing those religious books thrown around you realize that respect of the sacred has been replaced by respect for the dollar. And that’s something unfortunate but true.

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdik ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.


  1. seek knowledge even if far away china

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