Posted by: Dawud Israel | October 23, 2007

Cell Phone Dawah

These are dawah methods I use and some other ideas I just had recently. This is all assuming you have a USB cord, Bluetooth and generally know how to use your cellphone.

1) Ringtone- have a speaker or someone saying something deep as your ringtone. I’m making one of these and probably will send it out on the net sometime soon, Insha Allah! By the way, setting Qur’an as a ringtone is a no-no. If you want to try your hand at this then going through all these pages will probably make you a whiz at this.

2) Text messages- if there are announcements or something going on that you want people to know about then send it out using your text messages. Also this is good for a daily/every other day/weekly reminder.
3) Bluetooth- have Islamic lectures, talks, nasheeds or Qur’anic recitations on your cell phone and ready to Bluetooth to other people wirelessly in a matter or minutes.

4) Rescue Dawah- you sight a brother/sister giving dawah to someone and it seems to be going bad, you can’t interrupt because that’s rude, so what do you do? You give the daiee a phone call, (you would have their number stored) and give them advice as to what to say, if they really need it.

5) Record- you see some text, something inspirational somewhere and want to record it, you could write it out by hand or you could be smart and take a snapshot of it or slowly film it and have it stored on your phone for later. Also taking pictures or filming objects is a great way to remind yourself of something, ex: picture of empty pamphlet-holder to remind you to get more pamphlets or filming someone giving detailed driving instructions)

6) Applications- there is a whole breed of Islamic cell phone applications out there. They can be used for everything from memorizing Qur’an to a dictionary. This is probably the best collection on the web.

7) Storage- if you have a file you’ve stored somewhere and need to move it quick you can store it on your cell phone if it has enough storage space and move it around.


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