Posted by: Dawud Israel | October 25, 2007

Dealing with Christian Missionaries

Once in a while you encounter the competition and you now have an opportunity to directly affect them.

You could push them away and say your not interested but in effect that won’t change anything. What you could do is make a certain mark on them that they can then pass into their preaching. So if they come preaching to Muslims you can give them a really bad experience and enforce the prejudice and hatred of Muslims in them so that the next time they go preaching to Muslims–they have that built into their minds as a mental obstacle. They will always see Muslims in a negative light from then on and hinder their efforts.

Or you could try and influence them directly by preaching but this may push them closer to their religion as they feel outside their comfort zone and so they cling to it tighter.

But missionaries are like any other profession. They are a ‘nation’ with certain similarities to all of them. The missionaries of the West are quite evolved in comparison to Muslim Dawah workers. They have a set goal: convert. Whereas a Muslim Dawah worker may have a number of other goals (PR relations, discussing politics or sometimes sadly just to argue for the fun of it) and a LOT of attitude.

These missionaries will forget everything else except for that one goal. And so this allows you to do a few things. You can flat out insult them and they will continue and not be offended. It’s quite remarkable really. You can try and discuss and highlight the faults in their beliefs and they will still smile hiding hostility or channeling it.

Ploys of a Christian Missionary

This is the classic situation on any campus of Christians competing against Muslims for Dawah. And often you find the Christians losing although it may seem they are dominating us. I can remember being at a Dawah booth all on my own and have Christians close by handing out boxes and boxes full of tiny Bibles (only New Testament so the killer Muslim arguments on Jeremiah 8:8 can’t be used) for hours. They even offered me a Bible as I walked by and so initially I kindly refused. But then I realized something. Every time, I walked by their booth I would take a Bible. A brother saw me taking from them and whispered to me, “When you take their Bible it makes us look weak, as if we don’t have strong faith in Islam,” and this made sense but I whispered back to him, “For every Bible I take from them, that is one less Bible they can give out to someone.” I know what is in that Bible and that it is wrong. But some random person might not and so by me taking as much as I can, I prevent their Dawah.

Another issue came up as I found the same Bibles they were issuing for free thrown around everywhere on campus–in the washrooms, by some shoe racks, in the trash bins. And so I went around and collected all the Bibles not only to prevent others from finding them but because there needs to be a respect of the sacred. And this all hints to the fact that Christianity is dying. A Bible is present in every hotel/motel and even in Christian homes it’s handled with little regard so I personally believe Christian preaching is a lost cause. “What is the goal of Christian preaching?” Christians already don’t do anything, so it’s not like they are being brought to anything.

Another ploy they use is while you are doing your dawah the missionary will come to you and try and talk to you, so as to purposefully occupy your time so that you are more distracted with him rather than devoting more time to dawah. You should try and do dawah to the missionary but you must budget your time and act accordingly. What I did is I simply told him off by saying, “Hey can you help me hand out these pamphlets?” To which he said, “No I cant do that,” and he left.

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdik ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.


  1. Salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah,

    In giving dawah often we find people have some crazy ideas based on one ayat or one hadith. I put together the following explaination in giving dawah to this kind of issue here:

    Insha’Allah you’ll find it useful.

    salaam alaykum

  2. Wa aleikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    Shukran wa jazaka Allahu khayran!

  3. salaam alaykum Dawud,
    InshaAllah this one is good too:
    Turn the tables!

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