Posted by: Dawud Israel | October 29, 2007

A Pigeon’s Moment

I walked out of the library around 6 p.m. and an unusual looking man standing in front of me with his bike at his side, simply looked at me and said, “It’s still here.” It was awkward because he is a stranger, but I walked around to see what he was looking at. “This pigeon was here in the morning. Someone had tied it down but I unhooked it but it’s still there. It didn’t fly away. Maybe it’s hurt somewhere.” I didn’t think much of it so I simply said, “It’s probably just chilling out,” which I realize is silly thing to say, but what would you say?

I went to class and came back around 9 p.m. to see if it was still there and sure enough the pigeon hadn’t moved. It had it’s head tucked in close to it’s chest trying to stay warm. After trying hard to study I gave up and went and bought a bread bun and left it in front of the pigeon. It didn’t bite. I left the piece of food there and thought maybe tomorrow it would be gone. I said the duaa, “La baas, tahuran Insha Allah” (No worries, this will be a purification, if Allah wills) and left. The next day I saw that the pigeon had left, leaving bread crumbs scattered around.

My belief is that nothing happens by chance and that Allah wills even the smallest occurrences. A small, unusual encounter like this, is something which most likely probably carries some meaning. I can remember the ayah about Dawud alayhi salam who had 2 men break in to his courtyard, only to present a case before him. It was only after that he realized that he had judged too quickly and sought Allah’s forgiveness.

He said: “Surely he has been unjust to you in demanding your female sheep (to add) to his own female sheeps; and most surely most of the partners act wrongfully towards one another, save those who believe and do good, and very few are they”; and Dawud came to realize that We had tried him, so he sought the protection of his Lord and he fell down bowing and turned time after time (to Him). (Quran 38:24)

I don’t know what meaning this small incident of mine carries and I was hoping it would come to me as I wrote this. But here is what I think it might mean after contemplating it.

That bird was unable to fly and a stranger came and freed it. Yet still that bird was unable to fly and a stranger came and fed it. And then it flew. For the believer this is a deep reminder of the role of the Prophets (alayhim salam). How can one hope to reach Allah while on Earth, if not from those on Earth? Allah works through channels. It puts things into perspective nicely and I might perhaps even use this story while giving Dawah. Not only that role of the Prophets but also the role of the Friends of Allah and the believers to each other and others who come upon the believers as strangers to help them. And then they will be ready to fly to their Master, if He wills. The believer is truly a giant in this world because he plants his feet firmly in this world while reaching for the ridge of Heaven.

I ask Allah to forgive for any of my shortcomings and for His blessings upon those who need it most. Ameen.

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdik ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.


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