Posted by: Dawud Israel | November 1, 2007

Global Shaykhs!

This is history!  In all honesty, I cannot think of anything that could change the course of world history more than this.

I found about this just today and although this is a few weeks old now, it’s BIG news. You can read more about what it means and why Christian priests are taking notice. Over 100 scholars from every major Muslim nation, Sunnis, Shias, Sufis and Salafis all took part in this. Many of these people I have never heard of and I think that really makes me realize that I never could’ve imagined the spread of Islam. Muftis, shaykhs, politicians, dignitaries and intellectuals from Bosnia, Iraq, Albania, Nigeria, Russia, Yemen, Croatia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan…Subhana Allah. You really have to read the document yourself to realize how HUGE this is.

Also you will really notice how well-executed this document was. It ends with “Pax Vobiscum” which is Latin for “Peace be with you.” Now compare that to the Pope’s cheap-shot or blunder (whichever you regard it and God knows best) about Islam.

What does this mean?

-For one thing, we now have something equal (some may argue more influential or less) to the Vatican.

-Each of these Muslim leaders have more influence, in my opinion, than any Christian priest because Muslims are more sincere and practicing than any Christian. And if Christian leaders recognize this, it makes them feel small and they will listen.

-Globalization of the Ummah is taking place and once distant leaders are coming together. This makes me wonder could we see a “Global Madhab” emerge? Not something that is decided formally but something that will develop naturally through Allah’s Will?

-This is just the start…what could the future hold? Dare I say, Khalifah? 😀

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