Posted by: Dawud Israel | November 3, 2007

DLR: The Sharky Pamphlet

I just realized that I missed last weeks Dawah Literature Review. Well anyhow, here is a piece of Dawah Literature that everyone should have.


The Sharky Pamphlet as it is known was project done by my dear brother Hasan (who is also the main guy @ ). I really don’t have much criticism for this. In the beginning there were some typos but all-in-all it is the one piece of Dawah literature that I completely endorse.

What’s so special about it?

-Easy to read and understand

-Straightforward and unlike other works of Dawah has a clear focus and does not get caught up in tangents

-Goes for the Gold–meaning it asks the reader if they want to convert to Islam!

-Colorful and highly attractive

-There is a Spanish version as well…mucho grando!

The only thing that should be noted and to the lazy and frugal among us this will seem a drawback of this is that it needs to be printed on glossy paper. And in color too. That means at a professional print shop, not just your home printer. And depending on the paper its printed on you need to make sure that you tell them to make sure there are is no white along the edge, but that the color is throughout.

-Download the Pamphlet from here

-Phone up your local print shops and see if you can find the cheapest place

-Print out hundreds and donate to your masjid or MSA/ISoc

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdik ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.

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