Posted by: Dawud Israel | November 10, 2007

Malcolm X Ringtone

UPDATE: Due to some file issues the ringtone was unavailable, it is now available.

PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT support or endorse racism in any way shape or form. This piece of audio speaks about the daily struggle that Muslims and for that matter all minorities and peoples of the third world face–not just in the West but around the world. It is a reality and the reporting of it is no different than the diagnosis of a disease being present.

So here is the Malcolm X Ringtone. I realized that a great deal of what Malcolm X said regarding the African-American movement still applies, but now more to Muslims who now are not only the target of prejudice and hate in one country but all around the world. Some of what he says still applies to our shaykhs and leaders. You can download it here and install it on your cellphone.



I will try making a more Islamic ringtone soon, Insha Allah! The Malcolm X one was just an experiment to see how the ringtone-making process works. With this project I used an audio file compilation and I realized a few things that make a good ringtone:

  • short–one sound clip seems enough but perhaps 2 or 3 could work provided they are very short lasting about 5 seconds each
  • loud and clear–with the Malcolm X clips, many of them are old
  • picking a good speaker who has charisma and depth like Malcolm X
  • most importantly, a powerful and meaningful message!

How do you know if your ring tone is truly Islamic? If it went off during prayer time or a khutbah in the masjid–no one would object to it because it reminds them of Allah and Islam. Actually, the same could be said about any house of worship. 😀

Update: I can’t figure out how to upload the MP3 file yet…Wordpress won’t allow me and my Internet is have seizures…so check back soon!

Update 2: I think it should work now… 🙂

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Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdik ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.


  1. What does the cell phone ringtone say or sound like?

  2. Just like the download…only louder. Actually it cuts off pretty quick…right after the second sound clip. That’s why you should make it nice and short.

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