Posted by: Dawud Israel | December 2, 2007

Activism: The Rebellious Current

It has been of little doubt that the people who have been the most active in condemning and putting a stop to violence have been non-Muslims. The majority of causes to oppose the war on terror among other causes (Fair Trade, environmentalism etc) have been the  works of non-Muslims.

Look up any anti-war website on the Internet and you will find it being run by non-Muslims for the most part. Loose Change, Michael Moore, and Not in our Name are the latest and greatest names in the activism world. There have always existed people who have spoken out against injustice, whether they be Muslim or not. And it is not unusual now to find Muslims looking up to the likes of Noam Chomsky and others. Should it be any surprise that non-Muslim Activists do not shy away from using the J-word we Muslims are so afraid to say?

Perhaps it’s because non-Muslims are not as tested as Muslims are and so they can focus more on their work. That is to say, whenever Muslims come together for a cause there is always an argument or two amongst them causing a division. But there is one disadvantage to the work of the non-Muslim activists and it is that they will have no reward for there work if they reject Islam (however these are the very people who probably would come to Islam). This is not just relating to the Hereafter but to now. There have come many people thinking they have been doing the “right thing” but they ended up causing more damage. The European settlers thought they were doing a good thing when they destroyed the Aboriginals of the Americas but they did something very evil indeed. There was no reward in there work and they achieved a lost end. Muslims have an advantage because our vision is one based on Islam–the only thing that WILL work and that HAS worked in the past.

The point that needs to be made is: Where are the Muslims?

Most Muslims could care less and just get along with their lives wondering why is the world getting so miserable, surely it must be someone else’s fault? But there are the Muslims who realize that a problem–any problem–could very easily become a major problem for them so they get active. You will always find those few Muslims who are in the current–trying to make the world a better place–the Muslim Activists. Like myself they come from a religious backing and worldview but that sincerity is geared to achieving the Hereafter, not for this world. We must always look at the state of the world and what we are leaving behind for the future generations to inherit.

I propose that Muslim Activists–who are essentially Dawies and Dawah workers–should take from the world of non-Muslim Activism and learn their techniques, strategies and methods for Islamic work and other causes that may come up under the umbrella of changing the world into something great.

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdik ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.

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