Posted by: Dawud Israel | December 15, 2007

“Feng Shui” and Islam

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Feng Shui is an ancient science that says the placement of objects in the home and surrounding areas affects ones life. It ties in to astronomy and a whole bunch of stuff I’ve never heard of. 😀

It’s a simple theory which makes much sense–your surroundings and environment affects you. Whether it’s your friends, school or workplace–it all has an effect on you. One of my relatives has had the same set-up in his home and NEVER changed it. Everything has remained in the exact same spot for years and unsurprisingly, my relatives haven’t changed very much either. They tell the same jokes they used to tell years ago, their daily routine is much the same as it was before and they themselves haven’t changed.

It is my theory that when you change your surroundings, it changes a part of you. It may be for the better or for the worse, but the more you change, the more likely you are to find that setting which is optimal to your lifestyle. If we were to simply try and change the structure of our homes to center around Allah, our schedules to center around prayers and our lifestyles in accordance with Shariah–than our thoughts and lives would change towards Islam almost instantly without very much effort.

One of my friends has a quote that says, “What do you mean you don’t have a TV? What does all your furniture point to?” and this says a lot about how we Muslims structure our homes. I think to myself, shouldn’t all our furniture point to the Qibla? If we did that, than would we so easily forget Allah? This simple change would make it so easy to remember Allah and keep ourselves away from sin, Insha Allah.

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdik ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.


  1. Hehe. How come you thought about Feng Shui?

    BTW, some of Feng Shui stuff are totally superstitious, Allah knows best.

    But, based on the evidence that we have in Islam, hanging a picture of an animal or person prevents the angels… So, it’s a bad Feng Shui.

    • have 2 agree dat Allah(SAW) knows whats best for me and everyone cos He created Us……

      i have also been thinking about feng shui cos like another poster points out is all about energy….

      if yr gonna have a big tv in yr lounge brainwashing u tho i doubt feng shui wud be sufficient to counteract dat…

      I have only just started readin bible and qu’ran cos didnt realise God was real before but the style of writing in these e.g. truthful and full of symbolism etc is very similar to the style of Sun Tzu’s – The Art Of War…..i couldnt overstand dat book before so gave up on it… doubt they chopped and changed it like they did the bible… now a true english translation by demna group, most likely is also in other languages…

      It tells us of the 3 armies…..this makes me tink of wat Qu’ran teaches us i.e. believers, nonbelievers and those actively for and/or controlled by dajjal/satan…

      It tells us of te Sage Commander which is most likely a reference to Allah(SAW) or else the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary(pbuh)

      in the book they spell chi as shui but is same thing..

      is true lots of ppl will twist this like the guy charging lots of money for this knowledge someone else mentioned……..but is also lots of ppl who use the bible and even qu’ran to mislead ppl so i suppose that makes a kind of sense in tis twisted off-key world….


  2. there’s some ways to arrange ur furniture or rooms, like, of course its not so good if the place u do ur work is right in front of the bathroom and things like that (we have a big chinese community in malaysia and i have read something like this)
    but i noticed that the feng shui master is getting a lot of money to re-arrange people homes and appear on TV.
    sometimes the things the things the feng shui master points out is so common sense, like don’t buy a house facing the sun, yeah of course, it’ll be hot and the heat gets into ur mood.

    muslims are taught to put their trust in Allah.i’m just happy that i dont have to invest in the feng shui master to ensure prosperity in my life.

  3. I don’t believe in Feng Shui as the people who practise it—but there is a bit of truth to the fact your environment affects you.

    Easy example, I have my bed next to my desk…and naturally when I study at my desk…I end up falling asleep on my bed somehow. LOL. 😀

  4. Asalaamu alikum wa rahamatullah wa barakatuhu,

    This is a curious post. Regardless of feng shui in-depth, I think you just meant the arrangement of our furniture- feng shui being the commonly used term for this (I don’t refute feng shui having superstitions within it)

    I really believe removing the television from our homes (whatever its harmful and beneficial effects), will indeed have a big effect on the environments and us.

    As for the idea of Qibla, often times, beds and bathrooms and such are designed so are not to face qibla as a sign of respect. But surely more facing qibla may indeed bring more respect and remembrance.

    Shaykh Hamza Yusuf covers the reality of television in and address to Muslim youth. Really worth a watch.

  5. assalamualaikom!!!! im just wanna ask our brothers in islam if there are best date when to build a house? kindly reply pls

  6. None to my knowledge… :S

  7. Thank you brothers for this useful information
    I would like to participate and add some brief points regarding the Chi (Energy) which is Feng Shui practices trying to keep it at home or around. In addition to positioning to Qibla, drinking Zamzam also have a great impact on Chi in us Also the five prayers recharges our Chi every time and the Sowjod positions release -grounding- our unuseful Chi to the ground.
    Besides moving the TV out, moving out pictures that contain animals or human bodies, statues, and dogs will not allowing the bad Chi to stay at the place.

    that and Wa Allah Aa’lam
    Sobahan kallahoma wa behammedeka

  8. Asalaam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barkatoh,

    quite interesting subject. As far as I understand there is no harm in practicing feng shui up to certain extent. Hanging pictures of animals and strange figures are definately not allowed in Islam in fact we are not allowed to pray in such atmosphere. But when you look from other perspective then there are many benefits. Maintain cleanliness – this brings barakat in your house, balanced load – looks good as no single place is crwoded, bedrooms free of TV and other entertainment equipments – leads to peaceful sleep. I guess everyone must practice feng shui up to certain extent. Our fate is already decided, its just getting realized here and feng shui wont help to change that.


  9. Salaam,

    I was first sleeping with tv in my room, but now I live with no tv in my bedroom but I can’t sleep.

    Tv is no good in the bedroom. It is no good for the brains.

  10. Kind of makes sense, if we face qibla all the time, it probably would be harder to forget about Allah. Well, it depends though, but we’re most likely will avoid doing bad deeds, I guess :/.

  11. Salamz,
    Feng Shui is another meaning of 5 Elemental Nature Divine Energy and V cld cleared a Bad
    Energies and invite Bliss Energies wthout
    putting any Animal Gems

  12. May peace be upon you Mr Abdul. I am planning to source advice on feng shui with a Baci Master under the flagship of Joey Yup. Certainly as a muslim, I must know the essence of fengshui to ensure I do not deviate my believe system (Islam). As I will take it as just guideline, I want to thank you for message!

    Fathiha Johan

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