Posted by: Dawud Israel | December 26, 2007

The Climate of Fiction

We live in a world where films of fantastical violence and ill-conceived plot lines are the standard of media. Whether it is propaganda or Lord of the Rings it all has an effect. It is all fiction and it all does not exist. Fiction has the power to tell a tale or teach a moral but in this it contains a strong element of truth and non-fiction. However, that element of truth present in fiction (in other words, the myth) is no longer seen and it is, simply put, nothing. Yet this “nothing” can cause something.

The hadith that needs to be mentioned here is where Rasulullah SAAWS said, (paraphrased) “Don’t say if, for verily saying if opens the door to Shaytaan.” (I have heard this many times before but couldn’t find the original hadith, sorry). This hadith puts things into perspective. People love to open the door to hypothetical “if” debates and discussions endlessly discussing scenarios that will never occur and it leaves a persons values mixed and confused. There is a Chinese proverb worth mentioning here, “If you are not at the bridge, don’t cross it.”

We see this climate of fiction rise up over and over again where fiction takes priority over non-fiction. TV shows that put Muslims in a comic light are seen as being better than programs that put Muslims in their natural spiritual context. It is more important to defend freedom of speech (even if it is prejudiced) regarding a fiction than to uphold faithfulness to a delicate yet vital truth. We are more interested in what we shouldn’t be interested in and ignorant of what we should be interested in.

And so when a believer watches the latest cartoon or reads the latest Harry Potter a strange thing happens. Harry Potter is more real to him than the stories of the Prophets (alayhim salam) and what this really means is fantasy is a greater ideal than the reality. So when you think of how you could change the world, you imagine that you can only change the world if you are Superman or Spider-man and since you are not, what is the point in trying?

And here is the problem that ties in with the Muslim inferiority complex and overall into mankind’s inferiority complex underneath the non-existent. People feel below something that doesn’t even exist which is perhaps a reason why mankind as a whole has degenerated to a condition that makes them seem more like children than anything else.

Islam enjoins people to stop living beneath themselves and to be something more. Islam is not just about being a Muslim, because an angel can be a Muslim. But what Islam brings to you and me is a nobility that comes with becoming totally mature. Muslims who may be fully grown still possess the mind of children and Islam turns them into true men who display the traits of chivalry and nobility which Allah intends us to become.

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdik la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.


  1. cool really. i was thinking about how harry potter is false, totally untrue, but kids believe in it so much. i actually taught of writing something like what you wrote, but you wrote is first. anyway, i was thinking, if we declare that the muslims believe in jins (we must believe in jins, a whole surah dedicated to jins in the Quran), western people will say that the muslims are crap and believe in things that does not exist. BUT THEIR CHILDREN BELIEVE IN HARRY POTTER WHICH IS MUCH MORE CRAP AND DEFINITELY DOES NOT EXIST!

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