Posted by: Dawud Israel | March 2, 2008

The Kaffir’s Petition

Update: I realized that this could be used as ‘motivational material’ to do Dawah. So I placed it alongside the Materials section.

This piece is but a small reflection on the corruption of piety due to piety itself. This piece is a petition against Islamic societal norms (as barriers to Dawah) but is written similar to the Munajat that are the intimate discussions with God that occur in duaas (personal prayers).

Pause and try to feel what the heart of the disbeliever feels—a pain that we Muslims would never be able to bear or understand—so that at least we may let go of our petty fears and show them something that originates not from us—but from Allah: Islam.

You can download it here for better viewing: The Kaffir’s Petition


The Kaffir’s Petition

By Dawud Israel




Do I sin because the ice coldness of the world draws me to the heat of the Fire?

Am I so despaired that I seek the flames of oblivion only to feel a touch of warmth?

When did friendship become so fake?

Was not love a basic need we were always entitled to?

How do they expect us to be more than we are now?

Why then did they deny us the basics of humanity?

Did I not just want the same thing you asked of me?

Why do they expect me to be a saint when they themselves were hypocrites?

Did they forget to love man in the love of God?

Do they hate us because we aren’t God or His Prophet?

Why don’t they ever reach down from Heaven’s Ladders and pull me up?

Have they not forgotten where they once came from?

Who will descend the lofty stairs of Heaven and save us?

Who will become worthy of Paradise in the eyes of the worst sinners?

We never outgrew our childhood so blame us not

Our helpless innocence is all we hold dear so prove us not guilty

Who is to blame a demon for never hearing the call of Heaven?

Yet who blames the angels for never reaching out to us demons?

The elder saints shout at us for being children in our ignorance

Who is more blameworthy—the saint in his wisdom or us in our ignorance?

We sinners have our excuses before God

But what do you believers hope to receive for your offenses to us?

Will you blame us for obeying Shaytan who at least gave us attention?

When then did God become so absent as to disappear from the lives of those needed him most?

Will you not recite a verse for us to reflect?

Will you not at least try for those who can’t?

Be you dogmatic or spiritual.

Speak a word even if you are unlearned.

I may spit in your face, I may deny and plot for you to die

But let me at least know that someone cares for me—more than I do

Do you desire my thanks, my words and my approval or that of your Lord?

Speak Islam! For what have you to lose in comparison to what I am losing!

Forget me not—for I am sick and have forgotten my well being

Who can hope to be remembered by God when he ignores His lost people?

Why do you call yourself shepherds when you flee from us sheep?

Why is it any surprise than that we follow the shepherd dogs over the shepherd?

Why do you boast to inherit Heaven only because Hell spate you out for your arrogance?

What makes you think God would look at you—you who are beneath even the worst valleys of Hell!

Like tyrants you promise so much—but our expectations are modest

Show us but a glimpse of the Light you possess—forget the promises and lengthy talks!

Am I to be blamed when the righteous are greedy with guidance?

Who am I to beg of guidance from the greedy—Who can be more needy of guidance than the lost?

Oh Lord, your servants have gone too far astray for even us!

Oh Lord, they walk as if they’re merit outweighs even Your Greatness!

Why have You placed ignorance in the seat of knowledge?

Why then is ego a pre-requisite to selflessness?

Show us then mercy for you know your worshippers are not worthy of Thee!

There are far and few to guide us—Guide us but from Yourself!

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.

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