Posted by: Dawud Israel | March 21, 2008

The Dark Side of the Kuffar

This article is not to be confused to think that all non-Muslims are evil, spiteful or hateful. Indeed many of us would have been non-Muslims had it not been for the courage of our ancestors to accept Islam.
Sometimes we simply do not understand the world of the non-Muslim. At times I’ve mentioned how they do have an inner wanting for guidance but this is simply one part of them. In speaking to some converts I got a more raw look at the world of the kuffar.

You would imagine that if you were to present Islam to the kuffar with all the undeniable proofs that they would accept it. But this is not the case. Being raised in a world where religion is so ignored what do you think the kuffar thinks? When he does something stupid he will stop and wonder in the darkness of the night–Why did I do what I just did? What was the reasoning behind it?

And without answers he goes on. He has no understanding of God or religion and so everything is a mess. He thinks when he sins and feels happy that this is indeed something good he is doing and that there is no way this could be wrong. He does not know how to understand Allah. This goes even for Christians and other religious groups who are indeed practicing their religion. They have to make sense of a religion that has been manipulated and bastardized and understand it. So they grasp to whatever they may even be able to recognize as good in their life. They have nothing but they grasp it as if it is something.

When a Muslim tells them how what they are doing is not the correct understanding of Allah and His Religion they will deny and behave unusually. Because they have to accept the mess they call their religion they will deny yours. “Why is this Muslim’s Islam so perfect and I have this train wreck of a religion?” And so they will attack the beliefs of the believers as if to say, with jealous resentful anger, “Don’t leave me behind!”

And so they must reject Islam for it is the most powerful threat to their skewed understanding. So they reject it and deny it. Deny it over and over again. What is the result of this constant denial? A hard heart that they have worked so hard on building. This is their fortress against the domineering threat that Islam poses to their confused heart. And now this heart, once so soft and innocent, is a rock and cannot be melted. Their heart cannot be melted by the words of the Quran let alone the words of falsehood. It will not melt when he marvels at the beauty of the Heavens and the Earth. Only Hell is hot enough to melt the hearts of the disbelievers. 😦

The state of their world is like a room that has been vandalized so that everything is scattered on the floor and forever scarred. The kuffar is little more than a child that never grew up. He will stay just as he is because he doesn’t want to change–but there is something gnawing away at him pushing him to search and find God and indeed change. But you will see every single kuffar flare up and attack the Muslim when he practices his religion. They will show pure unadulterated hatred against Islam, accusation after accusation.

The poet Saadi once said: “If a gem falls in to mud it is still valuable, if dust ascends to heaven it remains valueless.” If a Muslim falls and slips he is still a Muslim and is valuable to God. But if a non-Muslim does a thousand good deeds he is still a non-Muslim. He did not recognize God and so what was the end-goal of his efforts? He did not work towards any goal–because in the end, all achievements crumble, all acts of good are useless because the nature of this world is to deteriorate and fall apart. And this is why he is really no different than the dust referred to above. And so for a non-Muslim, in the end, there is no difference between a good deed and an evil one. And so the motivation for the non-Muslim hater and the non-Muslim saint is the same: they feel good. They do not do it for Allah or His commands but for their own selves.

I think the best way of understanding the complexity of this is through the analogy of this Star Wars battle. Think of Obi-wan, who happens to be sporting an awesome beard 😉 as the Muslim Daiee and Anakin Skywalker, the beardless angry guy in black, as the hateful non-Muslim. Take note of the very last scenes because that is where you see a unique mixture of confusion, pride, hatred and desperation displayed by Anakin that is really no different than that of the Islamophobic non-Muslim. Watch HERE

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.

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