Posted by: Dawud Israel | March 31, 2008

Ramifications and Predictions of being #1 Religion in the World

I’ve been thinking about this a lot now. I mean who would’ve thought this would’ve happened. We still have our flaws but otherwise we got a lot to be proud of now.

So what now?

There are 3 areas of concern:

1) Ummah: Now that Muslims are the largest religion in the world–we will, if we are smart we will do it sooner rather than later, start acting like we are #1. We will recognize this fact and it will be reflected in our behavior. We will ignore Islamophobes because we do not consider them a real threat. We will practice our religion more freely and openly and gain that confidence in our selves.

Furthermore, what this really means is that Islam will be seen at the top and as being popular. Non-Muslims will insha Allah pick up on this and become more and more drawn to Islam. This is the same effect you have in Muslim societies of old where Muslims were the elite and so many non-Muslims wanted to emulate them, simply because Muslim were upper class.

You see Non-Muslims had a haughtiness and pride when they would be Islamophobic to us and that was the assumption that they were #1 but that has changed now and they have lost that pride.

2) Corporatism: The world of busniess and profit will not ignore this fact either. They will realize that all their products are “Christian-centric” rather than “Muslim-centric” and so they will, if they are smart, change this so as to concentrate more on the Muslim market. Halaal will most likely become a common phrase. Accomodations will be quite easy to make because people want business whether it’s Muslim or otherwise.

3) Politics: We have now reached a point where the Muslim world is beginning to realize that all the negativity that they believed and swallowed was an illusion. In other words, we thought this rock was worthless but it turned out to be the greatest jewel.

So naturally someone wants to possess this jewel. People will ignore a territory and stick to their own land but when someone of their family goes and conquers a territory and becomes powerful all of a sudden everyone else wants a share of that power.

What I am trying to say is Muslims will start vying for the position of Khalifah of Islam now more than ever. This title will be more coveted now more than ever before. The Vatican is no longer the religious superpower and so now the position of religious superpower will move to Islam. And such a position cannot go without a leader, a voice and a representative. Someone will have to fill this void.

I am reminded of the story of how the Sahabas (ra) refused to compile the Quran but it was only when Muslims who had memorized the Quran were dying in war that they realized they had to take action. This seems no different. We now NEED it. If the right, mature shuyookh do not elect an Amir of the Believers then, someone unfit for the position will try and take it.

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.


  1. Asalamu Aliakum,
    When I read the original headline on yahoo, it had a subtle alarmist tone to it. Many countries under count Muslim minorities eg. – India which has more Muslims then Indonesia.
    Coincidental that this headline came out as the same time as zioNAZI Wilders’ “fitna”? The Muslim population of the world is much higher then they wish to admit.

  2. […] he looks forward as to what this will mean for the ummah going forward. Furthermore, what this really means is that […]

  3. But before this happens, Muslims will be one of the most oppressed people mankind has ever seen. Like a tiny flame we will be, but then the flame will burst into an enormous fire. This is when the Umma becomes one and well, we know the rest! Russia destroys America. Then China and the Muslims destroy Russia.
    Mahdi(a.s.) – 2012 Isa(s.a)-2020
    (dates are a guesstimate, for no one knows anything except Allah!)

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