Posted by: Dawud Israel | April 8, 2008

1st Muslim Tomb shrine in North America

(There is some questionable bida/shirk-like stuff in this clip)

This is interesting because it shows that Islam is taking root in North America. Considering this is a “Sufi saint” and not your ordinary Muslim it shows we are ready to to live and die here and are ready to make North America as Muslim as the Hejaz or any other Muslim land.

I think that’s a big thing to note because we want to make Islam “native” to North America. For those who don’t know of Bawa Muhaydeen (rahimullah) he was one of the first people to spread Islam in the USA. Coleman Barks was the man who introduced the West to the poet Rumi and made Rumi known as the greatest poet of all time–but it was Bawa Muhaydeen who appeared to Coleman Barks in a dream and eventually lead him to fulfilling this work.

I don’t want to get into “group” discussions or bashing this or that–but the important thing to note is that this represents a shift in the thinking of Muslims in that we are not living here temporarily–but living in the West until the day we die and let Islam live forever on this land.

Subhana kallhumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk. Ameen.


  1. 1st Muslim Tomb shrine in North America…

    Islam is here to stay, though it needs a little tweaking….

    • My dear brother, Islam takes root in the hearts of men and women who declare:”La IlahaIllAllah”. You must remeber shirk is to worship other than ALLAH.
      To accept the teachings of the friends of ALLAH is to know ourselves. That is why we have the Nabi. To teach us of the qualities of our creator. It is unfair to judge the people of a providence when you your self do not possess quallities of a saint.
      If we study the word of ALLAH we would know that we (humans) are nothing. ALLAH is the creator. No matter east or west hate will find itself in the heart of a man of doubt!! The sinners suffer and the glorious judge shall punish. Will we love our CREATOR or HATE HIS CREATION??

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