Posted by: Dawud Israel | May 7, 2008

Total Shikwa

EDIT: Read it twice. Slowly and thoughtfully and you’ll benefit Insha Allah. đŸ™‚

The Islam I understand and practice is the Islam of yesterday. It’s classical and I distance myself from the politics and hankerings of modern day Islam. I return not just to the sources of Islam but respect ALL the scholars of Islam in the past especially. And so with this, I write my protest against everything that Islam has become. This is not meant as an attack on an entire group, rather what is wrong with Muslims of every group. I treat every group fairly, I treat them all equally harsh. A Total Shikwa, a Total Complaint to everything we have degraded to. It should be saddening…

The modern day Muslim puts a question to yesterday and interrogates it and all that is classical Islam. He has perfected the art of judging it all and like a philosopher never is satisfied with what he sees. He hates on the man of yesterday–and the man of yesterday hates this beast who calls himself a Muslim–and hates himself for being influence by them.

No, today Islam is something else entirely. In today’s Islam man no longer understands the Quran. He stares at the Arabic of the Quran, a language doesn’t understand and thinks he can absorb it’s meaning by a burning hole through The Book with his eyes. He has knows Fatiha but does not know the Mother of the Book although they are one in the same. In our age, there are more books and knowledge available for free than ever before, but we have few men of knowledge. The books we write in English are riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes–Satan becomes Stan and you becomes yo. In those days, every man knew multiple languages but in our day, we know but English and our family tongue. We demand Allah to present Ilm (knowledge) in our language according to our pretensions and wants. Yes in our day we reduced poetry to rap. In those days Muslims educated and hired Christian scholars–in ours, they educate ours and hire ours to answer to them. Today’s small shaykh in the morning is declared to be a Wali in the evening. Where are the savants of Bukhari, Ghazzali and Imam Malik (rahimullah)? Where are the men who wrote works so great that the would be hailed as “The Second Quran” (and we hate to hear this thinking we are more pious than those scholars that said it)! What makes you think you really saw Muhammad SAAWS in your dream? Or that you met Khidr (as) or even came close to Wilayat? You believe nothing unless it is in English, translated or a scholar said it in English. No I don’t need a scholar to tell me I have a mind–I know this! Bow yourself and your soul to Allah!

Today’s Muslim mistranslates Rumi to be accepting of the kuffar when it is they who he curses. Today’s Sufis are more aware of what their shaykhs have said than what the Prophet SAAWS has said. The Mazars of the saints once a place to give respect are now degraded to places of shirk. They who were on the fringe of Islam have now become distant, what then happened to those inside Islam to bring them back? In the time of globalization we shrink away from others and precipitate into our own little sects. We focus on the exception, never the rule! And in our day, the Salafi, not the Sufi that has lead Islam for 1400 years, is the measure of all things. And the Naqshbandi’s perform their dhikr with the kuffar in discos! Where else will they go when the under-trained Salafi has pushed them out of the mosque? Your Islam is rigid and dead, your deen is dry–your Islam is a textbook you bored of reading! Your right to live is your right to worship–nothing more!

The jumaahs are crowded with believers who refused to shower that day and make the mosque a place of stench. We cannot even know what is halaal or what is haraam at times and depend on rumors. We have become so desensitized to failure and sin we don’t even expect to be treated humanely. We don’t object and couldn’t care less how the progressives demean our faith. A man makes a small video on Islam and thinks himself an entire Hollywood. It’s more important to show an image rather than a reality–a website needs to be made for every project even before the project starts! We know more music than Quran and live what is more virtual than actual. Ego is King and if your ego is King than it damned better not be a Queen. Man is his race–we cannot accept the fact that scholars viewed race differently than we did–how horrible would that be!?

Yes, everything must be sugar-coated and polite even if it’s a lie. Selling Islam is about selling packaging of it and not Islam itself. They love a polite lie over a harsh truth. There is more virtue in complaining than there is in changing. And we think that our eman is powered by our sense of self-satisfaction. “I will not accept your nasiha unless you praise me!” You must acknowledge that the status quo is good for them to listen to you tell them it is anything but! Man is jinn or worse Shaytaan and so there is no reason to believe anything worse exists. You must be spoon fed Islam and regurgitate it all–God forbid you think about it and learn Islam’s true wisdom!

The Muslim woman thinks she can scream and shout as much as she wants and expect to maintain a happy marriage or else blame her husband. She relents that it is he who is the King and her the Queen and not the reverse. She has been oversexualized and if a hijab cannot protect her against the horror of men’s evil stares than she refuses even to wear it. In those days women used to recite Quran publicly and in today’s day this cannot be accepted as she is an object. She makes men less chivalrous and is a threat to their pride. This is the age when man is a slut and woman a conqueror.

The kuffar are children locked up in a room and cut off from the world, they understand not the language or anything of the true nature of the world–and you, oh Muslim, seek to join them!
Ya ayuhal insaanu ma gharaaka bi rabbikal kareem!
O man! What has made you careless concerning your Lord, the Most Generous?

Your want your Islam to be ‘sanitized’ for you because you think it has germs! I hear you say, “If I could have one hadith removed…” and how dare you–how dare you! You will die in a tomorrow and have to answer for this! You expect to be rewarded for your blasphemies? Subhana Allahi wa amma yasifoon! Glorified be Allah above what they ascribe to Him!

I say “Islam is La illaha illal lah” and you say, “Show me your daleel!” Your shaykh is an Infallible Imam until he says something you don’t like and than you curse him like the Sahaba. You are too busy laughing at your sins, in your “Muslim comedy”, and never ready to correct them. You stay in the shade rather than err on the side of caution. You shout Islam is free and no one owns the deen and then steal the poor man’s Quran! You give the kaffir nun the benefit of the doubt, “We don’t know if they were Muslim or not” and then go and doubt Allah! My debasement is your ego and your ego is your eeman and your eeman is nifaq, worse than kufr. You ask others to work for Allah and refuse them their wages calling them greedy and letting them starve. Allah says, “Be” and it is–you say “Maybe” and what isn’t? You say, “70 excuses for me and Ahad (One) for Allah.” There is no Laila and Majnun in your story, only a Majnun to live forever Majnun (mad). You’re a doctor and it’s sickening. And you make hatred a Zam Zam never-ending and drunk by all.

You deny Islam and hate it. You seek to obliterate it and this is the new Fanaa. You gave the white man everything but your lota so choke on this joke because you refuse to breath.

I hate, yes hate this sick joke you follow and call Islam. I will live in yesterday because it is a tomorrow I believe in. Remove the cloth from the Kaaba and you will see your Satanic Self there and this is what you worship.

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk, Ameen.


  1. I hope you feel relieved after that rant bro. I know I would!

  2. This was a 2-hour post-Fajr piece that didn’t seem to end. It’s pretty frustrating so but it’s better to get it out there I guess so I know more clearly what problems I want to solve.

    Read it again slowly and thoughtfully if you wanna try and benefit.

  3. Subhanallah, every word I just read rings as utterly true. And I’m going to read it one more time in the hopes that I may benefit from it inshallah. May Allah guide us all and give us the tawfeeq to implement change within ourselves and to follow Islam in a way pleasing to Him.

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