Posted by: Dawud Israel | June 3, 2008

SPIN: Inspirational Film on Destiny

I really loved this short film. It’s basically about Destiny (Qadr) and how even the smallest events can cause huge changes in people’s lives.

Just watch it. Watch it twice because there were somethings I picked up on the second time.

Made by Double Edge Films

Keeping that in mind, it becomes clear that doing a good deed–even a small one can cause such a change that we cannot even imagine due to the chain of events that Allah plans. Not only that but sometimes the most insignificant events can cause people to have a life-changing moment. Also this video made me realize how “ordered” the world is and that things could basically fall apart so easily if it was only due to chance. But Allah “controls chance” and things are much more safe. Hmmm…that might be a new argument for the existence of God to throw at an atheist. đŸ˜€

Anyways, this is the type of film I want to make one day–only with a more visible Islamic context Insha Allah. đŸ™‚

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk, Ameen.

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