Posted by: Dawud Israel | July 3, 2008

Download Campaign: Muslim Prayers of Happiness

Firstly a BIG Jazaka Allahu khayran to the following:
Hamza Q.
Mysterious Durbah brother
AlMaghrib students (you all rule!)

EDIT: We now have a website up for this. Visit

EDIT: You can join the Facebook event and invite all your friends to spread the word here:

This was partially inspired by the Firefox 3 campaign where there were 1000+ downloads of FF3 around the world every minute. But there is no time limit on this–just the goal of 500 downloads or distributions.

Muslim Prayers of Happiness is a pamphlet of all the duas from the authentic Sunnah for times of distress, sorrow and anxiety. In short, this is a pamphlet about solving YOUR problems, bringing a miracle into your life. Even before this was completed I saw a few little miracles take place with the help of these duas both in my life and the life of friends. Every problem seems to vanishes at the utterance of these powerful words. Your problems are guaranteed to be solved but remember that they are a test from Allah to see if you will be patient, trust in Him and turn to Him.

But wait there is more.

Muslim Prayers of Happiness is not just a pamphlet. It comes with it’s very own audio recitation of the duaas. The recording is excellent quality and the qiraat (recitation) is one-of-a-kind (masha Allah la quwatta illah billah)! This is super-helpful for sisters and brothers who have tajweed issues or have recently converted to Islam and are facing the post-conversion woes from friends and families and still adjusting to the Muslim community.

This is a FREEWARE project and not for sale. In other words, there is no cost to get one of these but you will have to do it on your own–that is print it off at home and burn (write) the CD. It takes a few minutes but that’s all there is to it! You can easily spread it around to everyone and make everyone’s life 10X happier.


A download counter attached to these download locations:


Page 1

Page 2

If you cannot open the file you will need to download and install a file compression software. Here are some free ones. Google these.
(do a little searching and you should find them although most computers already have these installed)

If you plan on distributing them to friends and family or just your community let me know how many you intend on doing so that I can keep track, either in the comments or in an email to

Jazaka Allahu khayran
Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk, Ameen.


  1. Just a thought for future stuff, maybe one could make a more bw friendly version with no pictures or cool blue designs – this would really help slow down the costs and therefore speed up the spreading process.

  2. Ma sha Allah, I love the idea of this project. It’s unique and much needed. Also, the serenity the cover made me feel caught my eye. I just printed it out. Keep up the good work!

  3. Asalaamu alikum wa rahmatuallah,

    Beautifully designed masha’allah. Such a need nowerdays where so many are afflicted by worry and depression.

    Having the audio makes this instantly practical and facilitates memorisation.

    Just one word of feedback perhaps the text could be available as a PDF? The package file is rather large and may detract people downloading it.

    Jazak’allah khair, really.

  4. Yeah, I agree with the pdf idea. I actually converted the files to pdf before printing them.

  5. I had no problems printing as an image file–just hit print as full-page.
    I can do it as a PDF as well Insha Allah.

    A black and white version was something I opted out of for this because colors are more uplifting than shades of white, black and gray. Normally, I would do something like that but this one was an exception.

  6. So far there have been 90 downloads alhamdulillah!
    Let’s up it the anty insha Allah and get this to reach 500 ASAP!

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  8. Assalam alaikum

    As don’t be sad said, maybe you can put a seperate link to pdf along, some people don’t have high speed Internet, so a light download can be helpful.

    jazakum Allahu khairan

  9. Version 3 is up now.
    Changes include:
    -Audio edits
    -MP3 format (not WAV)
    -PDF format included

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  11. I am at a point in life which seems ready for a miracle. Googled for a miracle+prayer+allah, landed here. I believe everything happens for a reason. Taking this as the beginning of blessings that will unfold from this moment onwards.


  12. I need a blessing from the Beneficent with financial aid and the woman I love. Can Allah help me?

  13. really i feel the priceless holy gift of allah by reciting duas…. also the special surah always i say is yaseen.

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