Posted by: Dawud Israel | July 17, 2008

The Secular Me


One of the greatest challenges I have is that because I am so immersed in “Islamic culture”–religion, reading, people, dawah, etc. it is difficult to always give a secular face to these things.

If I were going for a job interview would I tell them for example the stuff I do here without them thinking I’m some sort of extremist nut?

So one thing, I have decided to do is to focus on more general projects–things that are beneficial to Muslims AND non-Muslims. This isn’t easy because I have gotten so used to the little world of the Muslims.

One struggle I find particularly failing is racism and prejudice in our societies. I frankly think the only way America/Canada will stop committing crimes against people of different races–is until they have commit crimes against every single one of them and then apologized so that the people of these races will always hold it against America and guilt-plead “victim” thus preventing them from doing it again.

My main point of change is in the interest of true democracy. The west as we know it is an oligarchy–where a small elite of typically rich white males rule everyone else. The democratic system is manipulated to their whims and whatever one would call ‘true democracy’ is gone.

True democracy is when people can induce change not by sheer quantity but my a quality as well. It is one thing to have 49 people lose to 50 because of simply one person–that isn’t fair either. What I am talking about is when one person has something so powerful to say that it can move a massive amount of people in the right direction–quality translates into quantity. That is classic version of democracy. But it can also happen the other way for the wrong side–and part of this is to prevent that.

So many of my ideas on this dwell in the realm of introducing that precursor of quality and giving it the same weight as quantity. That is, you can have a petition of 500 names and ignore that piece of paper OR you can have one person who is very loud and has a very persuasive argument…which is going to make people think twice? Exactly, it’s going to be the person with that “quality” message.

And that’s where the journey begins.

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illaha ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk, Ameen.


  1. The sad truth is, in the western world, the less powerful have never been able to make change through this form of government that is supposedly the best.

    Changes in the government only happened AFTER people made that quality message that you’re talking about Dawud. It’s just like Malcolm X said, ” I learned as a child that if you want something you better make some noise!”

    And that’s exactly what we as people with these huge problems in our social system, need to do, whether we are Muslim or not. We need to SCREAM and make that noise. The problem is we’re just too lazy, we talk a bunch, but that talk doesn’t leave our curry stained chins from our dinner tables where talk about politics and amreeeka, have replaced sports debates.

    I think deep down people DO want to take some action, we just need someone to inspire them enough, and to inject the courage within them inorder to do just that. That’s the only way we can solve problems of prejudice, ignorance, and just overall hatred.

  2. This is why the secular system has failed us. Alhamdulillah, we still have Islam as a way of life in all aspects to follow.

    I actually just wrote about the effects of Islam vs. secular state on

  3. As bad as democracy is…we are stuck with it in the west…and that is the cold hard truth that it still places upon us an onus of responsibility.

    So…we have to move forward at least.

  4. Yeah, that’s true and at the same time, there is no harm in letting others know that there actually IS a perfect system out there that has no flaws in it.

    I think if the uncles who migrated to this land said, “there are no masajid so we are stuck with that …”, we probably wouldn’t have any masajid. (sorry, side topic there 🙂 )

    But yeah, in the end, definitely, I agree and also there is no harm in setting higher goals when you know there is a perfect system out there.

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