Posted by: Dawud Israel | July 30, 2008

Why Islam hits up 900,000!


I got an email from a very cool brother (masha Allah!) working with Why Islam? in regards to an up and coming Dawah project. Key fact to note: This event is for 18 days straight and will reach 900,000 people. That is, what you call, unprecedented and next level work masha Allah la quwatta illah billah. 

Check it out:

Download the Flyer


Assalamu alaikum,

Hello! Check out our new website at:

Feel free to donate (we need it!) or sign up as a volunteer (we need that too!). Please forward this to anybody you know who would be interested in volunteering to do dawah or donating which will help us purchase materials for the dawah booth at the California State Fair.

We have a dawah booth reserved from August 15th until September 1st, Insha’Allah. We need volunteers to man the booth every day. We have a variety of shifts available and we need both brothers and sisters. Everybody is welcome and don’t worry, free dawah training classes and orientation will be provided as well as free admission to the State Fair and parking.

Feel free to contact me or the the people below for more information. Please help us with this important dawah project! Jazakallahu khayran.



Why Islam – An ICNA Project

Who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah (Surah Fussilat)

Help us spread the light of Islam At the California State Fair

August 15 – September 1

Come and visit us at Building B, space # 243

WhyIslam has reserved a space at the California State Fair to educate
non-Muslims about Islam. Approximately 900,000 people will
attend this event. The opportunity to do dawah is immense. Please
support this noble cause by donating your time and money. Following
items are required to make this effort successful.   

♦ 3500 Quran (only English translation) ($4.00 ea.) $14,000
♦ 12 English brochures (total # of brochures 6000) ($.10 ea.) $600
♦ 12 Spanish brochures (total # of brochures 6000) ($.10 ea.) $600
♦Misc. additional expenses (booth fee, admission/parking etc) $5000

Total (estimated cost) $20,200

► Please contribute generously as follows
♦ Cash / Check (Make payable to “WhyIslam Sacramento”)
♦ Online @
♦ Donate Quran (English translation only) by Yusuf Ali
♦ Donate your time by signing as a Volunteer, on our website
☞Note: All contributions are tax deductible
For more information contact
• Arshad Khan @ 916 376 7104
• Junaid Ahmad @ 916 230 4102
•Abdul Rahim Wasi @ 916 205 9378  

You can also email us at
Website address


  1. ASA,

    Mashallah this is a wonderful project and Allah(swt) guide all those involved and bring success, inshaallah.



  2. subhannallah may Allah guide this project to be a great success

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