Posted by: Dawud Israel | October 15, 2008

How to create Continuity Projects


There are many projects out there that can be done. However there are some that take upon the qualities of the “Sadaqa Jariya”–the ever-lasting charity.

These projects when begun continue forever or for a very long period of time. They are not difficult to create and have spread in many places. If you have a choice, build these up first before you start other temporary projects.

The reason they are so successful is because they are very open, have a strong component of practical application and allow interaction between people.

The best examples of these I find in threads on Muslim forums. Here are some good threads to start that are a guaranteed hit:

Story threads: Marriage, Conversion, etc
Fasting Clubs
Idea threads
Miracles that happened to you threads

Other common continuity projects include sports clubs that require little planning and coordination. The underlying theme of continuity projects is that they are simple and meant to be passive–so they are easy to do. But this means they are rarely as effective as the hard-to-do projects out there.

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