Posted by: Dawud Israel | October 15, 2008

The Idiots Guide to Muslim Comedy

I have my opinions about Muslim Comedy but the one thing I hate is it’s soooooooo overdone. I like Muslim comedy when it’s done properly for the sake of Allah (Ummah Films comes to mind) but I HATE comedy that does nothing short of make fun of Islam. There is a very fine line that is repeatedly crossed and it destroys the emaan of a believer.

BIG Questions:

What is the GOAL of your comedy?

How is this pleasing Allah SWT?

How is this going to impact the lives of Muslims AND non-Muslims?

Is this how you want to be remembered?

I’m going to try and turn the tables on Muslim Comedians and do to them, what they do to us…

1. Make fun of other Muslims. Just like I am doing here. Doing this makes you look good and more Muslim than them

2. Act Black. Or alternatively, make fun of people who act Black. This is even funnier if the comedian himself likes to act Black, even though he/she isn’t.

3. Imitate an Indian accent. Yeah, for about the billionth time.

4. Go into a prayer position and then do something so stupid and ridiculous it is bound to get a few laughs out of amazement. People laughing at you, not for you. The next time someone goes in ruku, they will worry someone will come and kick them from behind because of this disgusting display.

5. Bastardize a Muslim name so it sounds funny or more commonly filthy and dirty beyond belief. This one was invented by non-Muslims (Saturday Night Live) just in case you didn’t know.

6. Dance. This works best if you have a big beard and don’t know how to dance.

7. Dress up as a Muslim member of the opposite sex. Yet another sin.

8. Parody a song and then try and Muslim-ize it. This is absolutely the worst, because for one thing music is frowned upon by Muslims and or at worst considered haraam. And then these songs which the viewer tries to avoid goes and REMINDS you of these songs…tempting you.

9. Learn from Dave Chappelle…he quit comedy did he not? And it is inevitable that a comedian does not want to be in that position all their life. Nobody will take them seriously. Even their death will be considered a joke.

Muslim Comedy today is kind of unusual because it aims to make Muslims more palatable and feel American enough. It’s almost a way of consolidating our inferiority complex and making ourselves feel comfortable with being weak. It’s similar to how when a person gets initiated into the gang (and part of it is humiliation) they think of the people inflicting the torment in very positive terms- is Muslim comedy just another display of it? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Good because it can be used for Dawah…(but there are a million ways to do dawah) and bad because it isn’t getting us anywhere. In fact, when we should be the busiest is when we are being the least active.

I’m going to tell you a story about a girl who went to my elementary school. Everybody in the class believed her to have some sort of psychological disorder, although there isn’t a disorder for this to the best of my knowledge. And this was simply because she would laugh at EVERYTHING. If you said, “hello” she would laugh and if you said “bye” she would laugh. The teacher would often have to wait for her to stop laughing or as was more common, laugh quietly while making lectures.

Comedy is a tradition of the Greeks and the West more than it is of the East. Compare Mullah Nasruddin style witful comedy to the garbage out there today and it becomes clear the difference between “thoughtful comedy” which benefits and “stupid comedy” which is a total waste.

What is the justification of the comedian? Laughter. The most laughable justification ever. They think by people laughing and by hearing people say, “It’s funny!” it becomes acceptable.

I hate comedy because they think there is more virtue in exposing everything about being Muslim–why must what I do as a Muslim, now be used for your humor? What makes you think you can point out things you observe and insult them? And people like to one-up it and do more so even if the comedian wasn’t all that bad- his viewers will get worse.

I really hate some of these comedians–they make me cringe and makes those who watch them wish they (the viewers) weren’t Muslim in the first place. đŸ˜¦

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk, Ameen.


  1. i have to say that ummah films is definitely the absolute best muslim comedy that i’ve seen that actually gets good things accomplished,

    i find that muslims try too hard to “muslimize” anything that would otherwise not be looked at too fondly in islam. As if to say that they can’t live w/o this practice and that they need something extra to what the deen offers them as a way of life.

    Whether it be muslim gangster rap, or muslim tv shows (little mosque on the prairie), muslim backstreet boys (you know who im talking about!), or proudly calling terribly immoral people “muslim” because we take them as our idols. Like calling will smith muslim, or t-payne muslim, or mike tyson muslim, or being happy that Obama was just related to a muslim despite the fact that he has made a tremendous effort to prove himself otherwise.

    Inferiority complex huh? – couldn’t agree more!

  2. “I really hate some of these comedians–they make me cringe and makes those who watch them wish they weren’t Muslim in the first place.”

    And thats a wise thing to do is it? Hating a muslim? Wishing they werent Muslim in the first place? :/

    Maybe somewhere along that rant you have a valid point about comedians over doing it, but those last few words, nah-uh.

  3. You misunderstood so I’ll clarify. I meant the person who sees the Muslim comedian, wishes that they (the viewer) wasn’t Muslim because this comedian says things that just hurt so much…

    I gotta work on my writing skills…

  4. Jazaka allahu khairan,

    point well made(i couldn’t agree more)

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