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Leaving Islam- Question and Response


This is something I posted on the AlMaghrib forums. You can read the other responses people had here but I wanted to post this because I thought I hit all the major arguments against aposttasy. This question wasn’t addressed to me or anyone specific, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on it here especially because it’s hotly discussed among Muslims.



I am posting with grave concern and disillusionment for my brother in Islam who has been deeply shaken in regards to his Imaan and has most recently verbalized his void and disbelief.

The brother is a convert and has been for over 6 years.

I do not think an open forum is the best approach for this, so I’m requesting for those who are willing to help me help him, email me at zaptos [at] gmail [dot] com and we can talk there.

His greatest issue is reconciling justice and perfection with ‘Good people’ destined for Hellfire because of their kufr.

If you have experience dealing with wayward youth or have links to videos/lectures/knowledge (in this field) please contact me asap.

And also Please Please Please make Dua!
Jazakallahukhairan katheeran,

Dawud’s Reply


I think I can help since I “apostated” before- that may sound strange but it just made me all the more stronger especially because I was all on my own.

In sha Allah the following will strengthen everyone’s imaan, yaqeen and tawakkul in Allah subhana wa ta’ala.

Ask him is he satisfied with Allah as his Lord?
Is he satisfied with Islam as his religion?
Is he satisfied with Muhammad salallahu alayhi wasalam as His Prophet?

This is from the duaa said 3 times every morning and evening which guarantees one Jannah (correct me if I am wrong):
“Radhitu billahi rabba wa bil Islama deenan wa Muhammadin nabi’yin”
I am satisfied with Allah as my Lord, Islam as my religion and Muhammad as my Prophet


If he is satisfied with Allah, Islam and Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wasalam than he should adhere to his deen and guide them to truth. He should not jump into hell because these others whom he deems to be “good people” may or may not go to hell. How will he guide them if he is resigning himself to hellfire? This is counterproductive, doesn’t solve anything and most certainly is a ruse of shaytaan. He should ask Allah to guide him and his family members.

Being satisfied in Allah means you are satisfied in Him, with all He stands for- Justice, Truth, Mercy and Fairness, all in a way we can not fathom or explain. How can your friend think that Allah is unjust towards non-Muslims when He is the Creator of Justice? He should be satisfied with Allah and have trust in Him (tawakkul) because He knows what is the best, something we cannot even comprehend. And truly if Allah were not just, then we would never call him our Rabb- but He is the Most Just is He not and worthy of our trust.

In the Quran it says: “None but the disbelievers despair in Allah”
And the hikmah behind this is, if one despairs in Allah then he is placing Allah in a status below His exaltedness, one that is virtually identical to kufr. You believe that He cannot be the hope, when He is all hope. And you believe He is incapable or evil and spiteful when in reality He is beyond all that and is more magnanimous than we can even imagine.

The reality is that many people lose that trust in Allah (tawakkul) and I have heard from others this is an issue among AlMaghrib students. Listen, the very reason Allah brings us into trials and especially the difficult ones is because that time of difficulty is the time when our true belief in Allah comes out and this is what He is testing us to see. Will we or will we not turn to Him? If we despair and believe Allah has abandoned us, we have hurt only ourselves and failed to understand that this is Allah’s way of calling us to Him.

This is the crux of the matter. Have that husnudh dhan (good opinion and expectation) of Allah subhana wa ta’ala and He will fulfill it. What do you think? Have a high expectation of Allah and He will show you just how great He is by surpassing it- unless you allow Allah into your life by having that belief in Him and His abilities, then how do you expect Him to exceed it?

Think of it as this: you have a best friend and that friend always manages to exceed your expectations. Everytime, you think you know what’s going on, this friend surprises you with something even more awesome. But this can only happen if you decide to meet with this friend right? This is Allah. If you push this friend away, you place a barrier between you and Him (kufr). So do not despair in this Friend. We think that someone is ignoring us when in reality they are preparing a surprise party for us behind our backs. Just imagine how much more of a surprise Allah has in store?

Jabir ibn Abdullah (radiallahu anhu) heard the Prophet salalllahu alayhi wasalam say 3 times before his death:

La yamutan-aa ahadukum illa wahuwa yuhsinu dhan-naa bi Allah azza wa jaal.
Let none of you die unless he has good expectations from Allah.

I say this all because I have heard stories of brothers who have encountered difficulties and been reminded to have husnudh dhan of Allah subhana wa ta’ala and instantly, Allah has solved their problems in a miraculous way. This is true brothers and sisters!

Lastly, you need to get him really into the deen, a big part of it is to get that into place. Think of it as teaching him to swim, if you don’t do this he will drown and “leaving” will be very very easy. The test for this is, even if you push yourself to leave Islam–you cannot, you are too attached to the deen, what or who will you run to? My theory is this is why some apostates spend their lives attacking Islam, because, what can affect them as much as Islam can, so they naturally must keep it in their lives, even if it is by making it into an enemy.

Finally, I suggest he google “Muslim Prayers of Happiness”– this is as authentic as it gets and is GUARANTEED to help him. Or send me an email at

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illah illa anta astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk, Ameen.


  1. Just a note to say that let us keep in mind that Allah knows what we are going to do in time of hardship, it is the people who will find out how we are.Allah’s knowledge is eternal everlasting. Allah’s knowledge is not like ours, we find out things after we did not know.Subhanahu wa taala does not resemble any of his creation in His attributes.May Allah guide us and make us benefit from what we learn.

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  3. As Salamu Alaikum brother/sister, I share with you this amazing animation answering questions about #Apostasy

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