Posted by: Dawud Israel | December 31, 2008

How to get back Palestine


Here is some nasiha I’ve posted on a few web forums, that I wanted to make sure people understood.

Honestly, I think we need to keep our emotions in check. I get the feeling people are going to protests just to let out their anger. I am a disbeliever when it comes to protest, because I fear eventually it will be little different than the protests for Iraq and Afghanistan- forgotten. People will become more desensitized and it won’t even matter to us anymore.

The BEST thing is to channel that energy in dua and sincere late night prayers.

I think everyone should turn to Allah. The Holy Land is His Land. How many Prophets walked there? How many Prophets are bured there? How many miracles were performed there? How many great scholars and Awliya tread that land? Isn’t this where Isra wa’l Miraaj happened?

The only way Muslims can get back that land is if we turn to Allah. Sincerely connect with Allah. Make our Fajr for Allah and make our Tahajjud for Allah. And if we can sacrifice that much then Allah will return the land to the Muslims. It’s Allah’s land, not the land of Jews or Palestinians and He will give it only to those who are for Him alone.

I’m writing this and you might be thinking, well yeah we have heard that a hundred times…and probably dismissed it. This is the ONLY way it’ll happen. Do you think Allah will give back the land to Palestinians as they are? If they are not conscious of Allah, are they any better than the Jews? Will they rebuild all the destroyed masjids if they aren’t in touch with Allah? Will they be there to populate the masajid of the Holy Land or will they remain empty? And then will not the same thing happen all over again?

They know that if Muslims returned to Allah, anything and every strategy to hurt the Muslims would fail.

Hasbuna Allah wa ni’mal wakeel- Allah is Sufficient for us and He is the Best of Helpers.

We know that Allah disgraces Muslims when they seek a means of honor except Islam. If we can renew our connection with Allah, here, it will be felt throughout the Ummah and then that is when things will change.

Inna baatsha rabbika la shaddeed- verily the Grip of your Lord is severe.
Wa Allahu a’la kulli shayin qadeer- And Allah has power over all things.

I wouldn’t say protests are 100% useless, but it’s definitely not what we need to focus on. Look at what happened with the protest for Iraq and Afghanistan…nothing. People just release their anger, which is something Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wasalam explicitly stated three times, “Do not be angry! Do not be angry! Do not be angry!” In another hadith, in Ibn Majah, he salallahu alayhi wasalam said, “There is no gulp greater than a man swallowing down his anger, so that He may come to see the Face of His Lord.” Muslims continue to release their anger, until you realize that is ALL they ever wanted to do- release their anger, forget about it, grow apathetic and accept injustice as daily news.

Anger is a essentially a type of intoxication, and the angrier one gets and the more one releases that anger- it doesn’t decrease that anger, it makes it grow. Psychologists have commented on this many times. Anger grows the more you release it and then we start to lash out like animals, even at Muslims in times of calm. This is the same reason why we have so many political issues in our masjids, because we don’t understand that this itself, is a test from Allah upon us…will we turn to Him or will we turn to someone else?

Ibn Taymiyyah said, “When the fitna happens, the wise men cannot control the ignorant ones.”

We need to understand what “Hasbuna Allah” means– Allah is SUFFICIENT for us. Internalize that and be firm with it. Protests and these other things may have virtue, but for us, they are little more than a distraction from the work we need to do on our souls.

There is wisdom in the fact Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wasalam made Qunoot Nazila in Fajr salat against the mushrikeen when they ambushed and killed 30 of the Sahabahs. Qunoot Nazila is stressed to be made in Fajr salat more than any other salat. How many of us, can even get up for Fajr to make this dua from the Sunnah, that is specifically meant for calamities such as Gaza?

“Do NOT be weak and do NOT grieve for you shall be elevated if you are true Believers.” (Quran 3:139)

Think about that and then do something like that.

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk, Ameen.


  1. I really don’t agree with u not supporting protests, I mean we should think realistic and think of the situation in general, think with me for a minute imagine when they started hitting on Gaza the first day and no Arab or Muslims went out to protest how bad and disgraceful would it off looked on the Muslim ummah, what would the Israelis and our enemies look at us like, like we don’t care for our brothers. They want us to be silence but we would not obey that. You think if we never went out to protest we would have done exactly what they wanted us to do and we would be like silence devils. besides that who told u that going out on protest is all about anger, it could be an intention to Allah in order to do at lest something because when we stand on the day off judgment we would be asked what we have done and like I said we would not be silence to plez the enemy and to be silence devils. People go out to protest to send a massage of peace that there are still people who care and have “thamir” innermost. I now there isn’t much for us to do but we must do all the things we can do for the sake of Allah to give our brothers in Gaza peace and harmony. It’s all about the intention no matter what u do. If you think about it why is Israel sending that lady from country to country in order to explain to people what caused Israel to do this military action? Becouse of the protests and the amount of people against them, but if there were no protests they would not need to clarify anything because every one is quit and letting them do what they want to do. Protests are more then what we think, especially now a days with the media and a lot of Muslims in the west. Like the media is working hard to make us look bad in the west why cant we use the protest to show the truth to people. I’m with you that we must turn to Allah, this all happened because we all turned away from Allah and we need to get back now as soon as possible or victory would never reach the Muslims. I’m with you in everything you said we should do of dua3a and ibada to Allah, but totally disagree with your idea of protests, we need to think of the time, place and whose are enemy before saying protest is not a solution. I now that it may not change anything in the situation but it will send a massage and when a Palestinian opens the T.v (thats if they have electricity) and sees all the Muslims out there protesting for them and they hear the du3a that protests say for them it will sure put a smile on their face , u may say what I’m chaten but trust me it will because when a journalist said to a Palestinian women every Muslim in Briton are making du3a for use she said that is enough for us and she smiled. So we should not under estimate protests. just to remind u again protests are not all about anger and what u said we can do of du3a and ibada we should definitely do it as well as protests, we have to do every thing that is available with the intention for the sake of Allah to help our brothers and sisters in Gaza. So no matter what we do all of our hope is in allah and not our ability all we are doing is just reason. WE MUST NOT SHUT UP AND ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, we are not going to shut up like our coward, savage, disgraceful, un named, pathetic, petards, stupid, lowlife, lying, sell outs, Israel and American slaves who are our leaders. Sorry to say, don’t even think we should even mention cowards like them. They made a show of the ummah. Any ways I hope u understand and improve your view on protest.

    jazak allah for all ur posts there really befisule i read them all the time. keep up all the good work. may allah give you the health to maintain this great blog “ameen”

  2. I won’t be stopping anyone from protesting. Nor do I think it should be seen as haram or anything like that, which I know some people do.

    What I am saying is that we need to return to Allah and if we do that, then ANYTHING we do will be successful. I support protests for bringing Muslims together and connecting us with non-Muslims who have the same goals.

    But let’s look in the long term, if brothers and sister don’t have taqwa, how long will the protests last? Just as you said, they will NOT be the first people protesting, and for that matter, not even the last.

    There was a protest I heard about where the a brother was giving adhaan for salaah, and then, another brother told him to “shutup!” Another one where things got plain violent. One sister I talked to was sarcastic saying, “what do you expect? tayran ababeel? (Birds from the sky dropping stones onto people, killing them like in surah al-feel).”

    And, yes that is what I expect of Allah because He has mentioned it in His Quran.

    There is a great deal of disillusionment that happens at protests, people think they are DOING something, but return more disappointed. The FIRST thing we need to do is return to Allah. Make tahajjud for an entire week for them, if you are so sad. If we don’t do these things, the next “gaza” that happens will be no different. We’ll be debating the same things and facing the same frustrations.

    I hope I cleared that up for you.

  3. Brother Dawud, i have been to Palestine and i assure you that its masjids are full. The situation in Palestine has to do with the events that will lead to the defeat of the dajjal. So its not fair to simply put the blame on the lack of Muslim fear of Allah swt as there are plenty of Muslim countries out there who are succesful or rich or live in peace but are at the same time very far away from Allah swt. Its not black and white, especially not in the case of Palestine who is going thrue all this because of the jewish connection to the dajjal, the defeat of dajjal in bayt al maqdis etc.

    Alsalamu aleikum.

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