Posted by: Dawud Israel | April 21, 2009

How will we Love?

I found this really interesting video…the whole discussion is about love and the ideas of love in our time and place, why divorce and cheating is so common, etc. Its an important rare discussion because I think if you watched this (with your spouse if you have one) you could make thing much better. It seemed secular (a minister and a rabbi were in it though) but the parallels are common with our Muslim community as well.

Its not a Love in Islam course- so don’t get the wrong idea. And there are scenes of cuddling, kissing and one nasty scene so if you watch it I suggest you look elsewhere whenever, or just listen to the whole thing as audio, which is probably the safest route. It is meant for a mature audience (20+). There is some music as well so if you hear music, go back and watch the video because a quote or fact will pop-up.

Its well researched, and has a range of speakers. It was pretty emotional too…and very sentimental. I found a lot of gems in here so will probably watch it again…enjoy!


  1. dude one hour?

    How did you watch a one hour documentary on “luv”?!

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