Posted by: Dawud Israel | May 15, 2009

“Make Dua for Me” in the Age of Globalization

Bismillah, alhamdulillah, wa salat wa salam ala Rasulullah

I often hear many people request me to make dua for them. And I often try to include them in my duas. But in the age of globalization, cellphone texting, Instant messaging, Facebook, Islamic web forums, halaqas, masjid visits and even in our diverse by chance encounters with others…it is hard. This is the age of hyper-communication, and the amount of communication and interaction is heightened to such a high degree it is hard to comprehend, recall and give everything its due place. It may just be me, but when someone comments at the end of an article (out of the ten other articles I may read thereafter) I quickly glanced at for a minute and at the end of it, asks for duas…you can’t help but forget them. Its customary to request duas, but I wonder how appropriate it is in our time, simply because it becomes over-used. So we must give special care and attention to these subtleties, or else we may disrespect them.

So when someone I barely know only asks, “Request your duas” and when someone you are close to also asks the same, you are in a hard position. I remember the first few times I made serious dua for everyone who requested it…I exhausted my memory and even then missed some people and it took me almost half an hour. And I wonder if I was able to give everyone the dua concentration and sincerity in dua as I should.

So, globalization forces us into a place where we can’t fulfill the rights and requests others have on us. The material has managed to hurt the spiritual in a dangerous way.

Dua Making Tips

-in a sense, its better to make dua for yourself than request others to do so…it may just be a big challenge for them to recall your request and fulfill it

-the people you are closer to and understand their situation more is more likely to be an answered dua because the dua is more sincere and heartfelt

-you know each other’s names and use it in the dua

-making a dua list…it would be helpful to use a program like for online dua requests like Remember the Milk or Gmail To Do lists

-remember that dua is beloved to Allah, in one hadith, it states we are supposed to make dua for everything, even for something as small as a broken strap on our sandals

-some brothers suggest making dua the instant someone requests it so you do not forget…one brother merely says, “Jazaka Allahu khayr”- May Allah reward you with good, ameen.

-other I know make specific requests, like make dua for my exam or my marriage or recite Surah al-Fatiha for me…these are easier to recall

-lastly, not forgetting to make dua for yourself- when you make duas for others, the angels make dua for you to be granted the same you wish for others…but even then, it is good to make dua for yourself


Now here is the inevitable harm: the more and more we communicate with each other…the less we communicate with Allah! We have less time to not just our salaah, but for our duas…we make dua faster and give it less thought and importance than we would have perhaps 10-15 years ago. Therefore, we must take every opportunity to make dua to Allah, as often as possible, for anything- big or small.

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk, Ameen.


  1. Subhan’Allah I was having exactly the same feeling… dua requests left and right, and then not even requests but just seeing the news and the community around me there are SO many things that I feel I should be making dua for that it becomes overwhelming at times!

    I was listening to a lecture before and the Sh. was mentioning about when so many people ask someone going for hajj, how can they remember it? And he said the best thing is just make dua “Ya Allah answer the dua of all those who asked me to make dua for them and bless them with the best khair…” something like that, because Allah is the best at knowing everyone who asked and what they need. Wa Allahu alim.

    Jazakum Allah khair

  2. ^ wow, that’s actually quite beautiful. I will remember that. 🙂

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