Posted by: Dawud Israel | June 21, 2009

Asia Society Panel Discussion on US-Iran Relations

Recently some of the folks at Asia Society contacted me about an upcoming panel discussion on US-Iran relations. I would encourage you all to at least tune into the discussion or if you are in New York to attend and to submit some questions as well.

Although, this blog was originally geared towards explaining Islam to non-Muslims, I think along the way, its taken more of a turn towards intellectual discussions and commentary on the Muslim lifestyle and ideas surrounding potential Islamisization.

Very few blog in the Muslim blogosphere engage in this sort of stuff. So this is a chance to reach out to mainstream society rather than stay isolated and also to have your voice heard a little. It all starts with a little step. Iran, historically, as Persia, represents something special from Islamic history. If you are familiar with the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam’s saying on Persia and how many scholars, thinkers, intellectuals, scientists, ulema and Sufis historically have come from Persia–you know what it symbolizes. Any discussion on Iran is by default a discussion on not Muslims, but Islamic civilization past, present and future.

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