Posted by: Dawud Israel | July 11, 2009

New Project: Soul ART- Gallery 1

Bismillah, alhamdulillah wa salat wa salam ala rasulullah

As I hinted earlier, I am starting a little project to deal with the the alienation Muslims have from the human condition. Its simple artwork but with a blurb of emotional thinking attached. Its representative of the daily Muslim experience, those little gaps and spaces in thinking you have, those small thoughts and reflections, maybe even words of wisdom from great people and sometimes even cathartic rants. The goal is to re-acquaint contemporary Islam, whether it be you and I, or the shaykhs who I will show this off too, with the human condition- the average joe, the innocent child in all of us. Let the Nur of Allah shine on the tiny sparks in all of us.

Feel free to email me your artwork at Let me know if you want your name on there or if you want to remain anonymous- its better if you write your name on the image actually.

Hopefully, its not too blurrry…I’ll try to fix it for the future. I plan on either displaying this artwork here, or starting a separate website for this.
Let’s get this party started..









  1. Good initiative, 1 comment: They all have similar handwriting.

  2. haha yeah. this was just myself this time, since its the first time, but in sha Allah it will be different handwriting with people submitting their own submissions and art pieces.

    Spread the word and email me your submissions at muslimology[@]gmail[dot]com. You can scan it or you could try taking a photograph of the pieces and then emailing that image

  3. I like this stuff, its more meaningful when theres handwriting on it. Pictures and personal thoughts always make a good conversation piece.
    I like it!

  4. I like it! especially the first one!

  5. It’s interesting. I look forward to seeing what others have to say.

  6. Would you allow me to steal these pics so that I can use them on my blog? 😛

  7. And what does the first picture read? It’s not very clear as the colour that you have used for writing seems to have got blended with the beard.

  8. Yeah go for it…just link back here. Because its a series, called “Soul Art” and this was just the first post. There will be more soon in sha Allah.

    The first pic says, “I wonder how many of the 250,000 Prophets had beards?” (Actually, there are 125,000 Prophets, I made a small mistake…)

  9. The one about Jannah is not right…Unless I am not understanding it properly. Jannah is nothing like an old folks home, what a low comparison subhanAllah to such an expensive merchandise of Allah.

  10. Amatullah:

    I understand what your saying, but maybe not talking merchandise, but kinda like…a concept…think about it maybe.

    • Have you ever worked in an old folks home? I did. The people there are depressed, sick, sad, lonely and in pain.

      Again, nothing like Jannah.

  11. Jannah and dunya are both creations of Allah…they are nothing compared to witnessing the Face of Allah. Understand it in that context.

    Send in some art work sister and I’ll put it up.

    The whole idea of this project is people can express their ideas and reflections without fear of being evaluated by their brothers and sisters. Its an escape because our community has a way of suffocating our own voices. So if you want to argue, this is not the place.

    So if you got something to say, send it as an art piece and I will put it up- no judgments or censoring.

    • i apologize i didn’t mean to sound rude or anything, i just don’t think it is a good comparison since I was in that environment 🙂 my intention was not to argue at all nor do i want to argue.

  12. Assalamulaikum brother, I stumbled upon your site and the incredible artwork… it could use some finesse but some powerful messages, very Adbusters-ish, is there contact information available for the artist?

  13. You’re speaking to him…

    This was meant to be open to everyone, with Muslims emailing in their pieces, but very few came in, so most are mine.

    • that’s great, I have a proposition for you, Inshallah will email you at the address listed on this site if you dont mind

  14. […] Again, if you have contributions and want something put up, send me an email muslimology (@) gmail (dot) com. Let me know if you want your name on there or if you want to remain anonymous- its better if you write your name on the image actually. And if you want more clarification on this Art project just check out this post. […]

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