Posted by: Dawud Israel | July 25, 2009

Potential Islamization: What Sciences Should Islam Invest In?

Bismillah, alhamdulillah, wa salat wa salam ala rasulullah

In many ways this list is my own understanding limited as it is and I will in sha Allah in the future write on some of these topics.

Theological, Tafsir, Hadith and Explanation, Aqeedah, Qira’at, Fiqh (and its Usool),  Tasawwuf, Islamic-Sociological (like Ibn Khaldun), Islamic-Psychological (Sufi concepts), Islamic-Historiography, Metaphysical, Narratives, Hagiography, Moral tales, Poetry, Allegorical (understanding literal aspects of Islam allegorically for lessons), Calligraphy

-mainly not utilitarian but more otherworldly and not from this world. Islamic in nature, insofar as they are solely for Muslims and not for non-Muslims, unless exaggerated.

Branches of Knowledge whose Islamization or study and research or perspective could possibly benefit Muslims (especially considering our current situation) and brief explanations of how so…

Social Psychology (how and why Muslims interact, how this affects Muslim interaction with non-Muslim, what role Islamic values of sincerity, mercy play in social interaction, conflict resolution, and how Islam satisfies the human condition, inferiority complexes among Muslims, backbiting, tale bearing, ego issues, gender relations and conflicts)

Conflict Psychology (war psychology and psychological effect of certain weapons and forms of warfare, what could be called “sloppy” warfare which maximizes innocent casualty lost vs. developing “accurate” warfare which minimize innocent casualty lost, especially in lieu of terrorism and suicide bombings; Islam demands mercy even in warfare, preserving life is essential to the spread of the Quranic message; warfare in Islam is discouraged, but when it happens it is meant to be instructive, not destructive- controlled, not chaotic)

Neurology/Neuroscience (related to tazkiya, tasawwuf, how to keep steadfast on good and how to understand the quality of good thought, related to ideas of “khatira” (passing ideas coming from Allah) and Quranic discussion of “nasiya” in Surah al-Alaq, study of human consciousness compared with metaphors of “heart” and “soul” in Islam, jahiliyyah and ignorance related to correlation in intelligence or contemplation, tadabbur, tafakkur, muraqabah, tahannuth, creativity in performing good deeds or creating harm, the manifestation of “spiritual openings” or “lights”
An example of this sort of thinking is in my previous post Divine Context: How the Akhirah (Hereafter) Can be Felt in this Dunya (World)


The “Physics”/”Chemistry”/”Biology” of Mental Thought (how thoughts come about, thinking processes related to tarbiya, combined or radicalized, exaggerated and confused, thought grounded in reality and not unrealistic ideal visions, how certain notions can pollute and diverge thinking processes and give birth to strange ideas, why certain ideas dominate, why the mind clings to certain ideas, how ideas are “felt” or not felt, ‘describability’ or putting things into words, what things can’t be put into words or require more “distillation” (why and how?) (Some people used to listen to Imam ash-Shafi’i not because of his religious teaching, but because of his precise and well-put use of language- which points to the power of his intellect and thinking process)

Epigram-ology- the study of epigrams, quotes and sayings; an interdisciplinary science or in some respects ultra-disciplinary because these phrases can apply to many disciplines, Quranic verses and hadiths can be illuminated, elaborated and explain the wisdom in Islam via these quotes that reflect life experiences;

The study of Metaphors, related to the above; metaphors as tools of describing or teaching tools, especially in lieu of the usage of metaphors in the Quran and Sunnah

Film theory (how Islamic narrative, literature, Quranic techniques and ideas can be used to formulate films conducive to the Islamic cause)

Methods of filming/photographing/recording jinns

Jinn-Human relations?

Quantum Physics (quantum entanglement, time-space discussions, and how many of the ideas of quantum physics are manifest in miracles of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam and Sahabas)

Points to note:

-Some of these I only possess a passing knowledge of, so perhaps they have already been elaborated on, but I simply haven’t heard about them nor have I learned enough. However, some of these are my own ideas.

-One of my friends put it nicely…“The end of physics is the beginning of philosophy, and I said to him, “The end of philosophy is the beginning of psychology.”

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk, ameen.

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