Posted by: Dawud Israel | August 2, 2009

Give and Take: Social Psychology Between Islam, America and the American Muslim

Just about any person is tied down to this rule of give and take, where you scratch my back and I scratch yours. Its a very basic idea and unless you are outright arrogant, you won’t reject it- even the simplest Muslim will accept this notion- and its how we are being suckered into losing our Islam.

Muslims are eternally in debt to the USA for keeping refugees and immigrants and they thus feel entitled to do as they please in your Muslim country- each immigrant thus is like a new satellite state (reverse of my initial ideas of America having to govern according to will of its immigrant’s countries in an absolute true democracy). “This person affects us so we can affect his country in return,” is what the reasoning of the American is, and the thinking is not, America deals with its international relations with the help of immigrants and their representation (which would be truer to the spirit of democracy).

This is like a daughter who leaves her love not marrying the person she loves, because of the wishes of her parents who gave her so much (raised her, took care of her, etc) and, the American Muslim can’t go against the USA which has given them so much, and by extension Muslim countries who are in debt to the USA for aid and arms and expertise, who have virtually never gone against the USA. Our very presence and enjoyment of the life in America means, we will never go against it, even if we know its hurting our Islam.

Example: Yahood in USA have re-payed this Favor by funding campaigns for certain senators and thus Israel feels it controls the USA, more so because America should have helped the Jews and saved them earlier in the Holocaust, but they didn’t.
Example: Hindus resent Muslims because Muslims historically have done more for India and made it glorious (Taj Mahal, the Mughals, etc) and thus the BJP (an Indian anti-Muslim political party) is a result of this resentful feeling of inferiority and disloyalty to not fulfilling the potential of this country.
Example: I’ve met Iraqis and other refugees who came to Canada only after they changed their religion from Islam to Christianity. Only after they gave up their religion were they allowed to flee their war-torn countries. Even more than that, when Muslim refugees arrive to Canada, they try to learn English and often the English teachers they run into end up being missionaries who try to convert them to Christianity.

Through this, by their (USA) mercies they tie you (Muslims) down- their helping you, means you can’t follow Islam, because in the view of the Americans: what has Islam done for you compared what the USA has done for you? They gave you food, money, shelter, status. Every American Muslim is almost no different than the dictators (puppets) of the Muslim world, who are powerless and have to give back to the Americans in one way or another. Now, unless you are very arrogant- you will be bound by this. If you are always taking from the Western life, then how will you be able to do anything that might appear to hurt the West (but really it doesn’t, because Islam is a mercy to all)? In this way, its how we have joined partners with Allah in our age.

Now, imagine a dinner guest who is given the best treatment and thinks its because of his own merit- because he is special, but in reality, it isn’t, he thus has to repay this by offering meals in his own place- no matter how poor he is and so you eat an American cheeseburger and must repay with your oil!

Obama is the living metaphor of this…USA brought a Muslim to Office, but Islam couldn’t maintain his faith and so he is a Christian, thus the message is clear: Allegiance to the USA is better than allegiance to Islam, and so it is fitting to serve the USA.

America is haughty as to its greatness and so is the American Muslim. Our Islamic projects in the West, imitate more the Western ideas thinking they’re distinctness with the American way gives them virtue over other Muslims, when in fact their is no reason for them to be treated any better than Muslims back home. You can think about our councils, the democracy of the mosques, etc. The only reason American Muslims and those in other Western countries, feel privileged is because they have in a sense made a bargain with the devil- only we didn’t realize when we came here, we are going to have to give up our Islam, bit by bit, generation by generation, until we lose it all. But we have to somehow re-pay the favor, and we will feel more obliged to repay it (dress, speak, think like them) unless we have no take in this lifestyle and willfully revoke the pleasures they have given us. Its like Musa alayhi salam, leaving the luxuries of living in Firawn’s palace, only to come and uproot the Egyptians- its not easy to have that much courage, and even then Musa needs Harun’s help (alayhim salam).


The system is set up to reach these inevitable moral conclusions, so even if you are pious and religious, you cannot go against the system as it is–it thus paralyzes any notion of rebellion or Islamic renewal and so we are left powerless, except to appeal to the democratic mechanisms such as voting or protest.

We have to repay this favor/debt and in doing so may disappear or we could make this place our own (like Habasha- Islamic Abyssinia) OR else all of us leave so they have no right or feel no entitlement to attack our lands and even if we weren’t here in the West, then they would hate on Muslims regardless.

In a sense, we have already payed this deb, by having Muslim men and women, fight for Canadian, or American, or British armies, now and in the past. Perhaps, if we demand some respect for this sacrifice our communities have made for their home countries, we will receive our fair share of rights and respect.

We can see this today with Pakistan today- they want USA’s help in waging the USA’s war but want sovereignty as well, yet sooner or later the USA will dictate entirely what to do to Pakistan, and then to other Muslim countries, to an even greater degree.

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk, ameen.


  1. Very interesting. As our teachers said: Stay Muslim!

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