Posted by: Dawud Israel | August 31, 2009

My Ramadan Slowdown…

I haven’t updated regularly, and missed the last Soul Art post. I’ve been busy traveling, new experiences and meeting new people, making new contacts in the field of Islamic work, so not much has happened on here. Its Ramadan now so expect a slowdown because of lack of energy and because school is right around the corner.

I bought a pile of Islamic books this summer, have a few really great posts being written in my mind, and am considering becoming more professional, doing Islamic research, looking into getting published or wherever it goes. I am slowly shutting down my Dawud Israel Facebook account and shifting to my regular Facebook, (no more mystery I guess) so if you want to contact me, this blog or email is best- Facebook is more private now.

I request your duas because I think I really need them now with so much going on.

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