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Belief: Securing Faith with Sh. Ramzy Ajem- Qurba Academy


An interesting event happening soon in Toronto hosted by Qurba Academy…

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Without it…

prayer is just exercise,

fasting is hunger,

life has no direction.

Welcome to Belief: Securing Faith.

Whoever believes through mere following

Their faith is not safe from creeping doubts

[Ibrahim al-Laqani, Jawharat al-Tawhid]

Is your faith safe?

Life is full of ideas, events, and people that test your beliefs. Sometimes, even shake them. In our culture of scientism and skepticism, religion is seen as foolish, irrational, and outdated. This leaves Muslims with the responsibility to know and articulate their beliefs – or be outsmarted.

Know your Aqida

This course gives you the tools to navigate through philosophical clutter and learn the sources of Islamic theology. Through a highly organized and uncomplicated curriculum, you’ll discover what you need to have sound belief.

You Will Learn…

  • The orthodox tenets of Islamic belief and their sources
  • The relationship between knowledge, faith, and action
  • To have complete trust in Islamic theology, so that you can live your life with confidence, purpose, and clarity

Who Should Attend?

  • Any Muslim who wishes to know, with complete confidence, the articles of their faith and the tenets of their beliefs
  • Anyone who desires to love God, but wants to first know Him better
  • Any Muslim who wants to follow the Prophetic example by truly understanding his message of tawhid

Topics Covered in this Course

  1. Tenets of Faith
  2. Threshold of Valid Belief
  3. Epistemology (The Ways of Knowing)
  4. The Sources
  5. Realizing One’s Faith
  6. The Relation Between Knowledge, Faith and Action
  7. Increasing One’s Faith

Program: Essentials Certificate Program

Course: BEL1101 – Belief: Securing Faith

Teacher: Shaykh Ramzy Ajem

Course Format: In-class

Date & Time: November 21-22, 2009

Location: Ryerson University

Price: $99 CAD $89 before Nov 1

Register Now!

Seats are Limited

Shaykh Ramzy Ajem

Shaykh Abu Shamsudin Ramzy ibn Mahmoud Ajem is of Tunisian descent and was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. In 1995, he left Canada to begin his Islamic studies in Damascus, Syria. He completed the two year pre-college program with honors at Abu-Nur Islamic Institute of Syria. While in Damascus, he had the honor to meet and study with a number of scholars including Sh. Ramadan al-Bouti, Sh. Muhammad al-Yaqoubi, Sh. Abd al-Rahman Kharsa, Sh. Nur al-din Ittir, Sh. Adib Kallas, Sh. Farid al-Jazairi, Sh. Abdul Mu`iz al-Nafti, Sh. Muhammad Kaylash, Sh. Mu’min Al-Annan, and Sh. Jihad Hashim Brown.

In pursuit of the classical Islamic education, Shaykh Ramzy traveled to west Africa, where he was amongst the first westerners to be accepted by the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments of Morocco to study at the Ancient Madrasah of Tanalat in the Atlas Mountains of Southern Morocco (Madrassat al-Hajj Muhammad al-Habib). As a full-time student at the school, he studied some of the known texts of the various Islamic sciences under its current director and teacher, Sidi Sheikh al-Haj Muhammad al-Ghali, who is one of the foremost students of its very founder: the famous Shaykh, al-Zahid, al-Wali, and Mujahid Sidi Muhammad al-Habib al-Susi (Allah have mercy on him). After completing basic texts in Grammar, Morphology, Aqida, and Fiqh, he received permission from his teacher Sidi Shaykh al-Haj Muhammad al-Ghali to teach in these fundamental fields of sacred knowledge.

Now back in Toronto, he is continuing his studies with Shaykh Ahmad Talal Ahdab, may Allah protect them all and benefit us by their baraka and knowledge. Shaykh Ramzy founded, directs, and teaches at Dar al-Marifa, an institution that offers homeschooled children weekday classes in Arabic and Islamic studies. He also is a part-time teacher at Kitab Academy, where he directs its Arabic and Islamic curriculum. In addition, he has volunteered at a Toronto Deen Intensive, Camp Nur, the Muslim Student Association in Toronto and Montreal, and the local mosque Imdad al-Islam. Shaykh Ramzy currently lives in Toronto with his wife and four children.

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