Posted by: Dawud Israel | December 1, 2009

Eid Mobile Story

So as I posted earlier, I painted my car with the stuff. And yesterday something interesting happened.

I came back to my car from class and noticed the the ticket police car just waiting there behind my car. I thought as I walked closer, “Shoot! He probably saw this is a Muslim guy’s car and is going to give me a ticket or be prejudiced or something. Hey, wait, my friend is across the street I should just cross the street and talk to him and pretend this car isn’t mine and just go away.” And then I was thinking, “Ah whatever. Its my car, I’ll man up.” I unlocked the car door and the ticket police guy honks his car horn and makes a gesture for me to come over there. I get over there and he’s like, “I was just writing you a ticket !! But you’re here now, right on time, so I’ll forget about this ticket. You have a good one!”

Phew! So I thought to myself and realized the kicker…if I had pretended my car with the awesome dawah message wasn’t mine- I would’ve gotten a ticket. But when I stood behind those dawah words, I didn’t get a ticket. Couldn’t help but think there was some divine wisdom in that one. 😉

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