Posted by: Dawud Israel | December 27, 2009

Contentment is…

Contentment is…

-past, present and future all at once and then made absent
-time and space, taken into fully into account and made irrelevant
-makes irrelevant things irrelevant
-the stillest room in the house
-the most precise math
-endless accommodation
-psychiatry’s greatest enemy
-to refute futility
-contingent upon itself
-real freedom
-taking true reality from your own reality; knowledge of self
-the most activity form of passiveness (quiet fascination)
-the most passive form of activity (lazy relaxation)
-impervious to any desire
-key to humility (humility is the key to discovery)
-trust in trust (accepting the nature of trust)
-patience with patience (being patient in understanding how to be patient)
-an excuse against excuses
-the most appropriate context
-the best way to deal with any content (substance or topic)
-the most flexible rigidity
-always stronger
-like stealing from thieves
-angering anger
-the best qualification
-the most happy captivation
-peace-making and conflict-resolution
-take in all the details and take in everything for its real value (positive is worth more than the negative by virtue of its positivity)
-scoffed at
-free of charge
-reads “status quo” as “you are in control”
-reads “frustration” as “empathize”
-forgetting what needs to be forgotten
-a memory
-balances everything out
-a smiles to-do list
-the same steps and the same path for a thousand journeys
-all anyone really needs
-probably a lot more things…
-for everyoneContentment with God’s decree is the most deserving to be content with. 

“Allah said: Kun faya kun- “Be” and it is.”

What more was expected of us but to “be” ? And what is to “be” but contentment?

Each creature is smoldered to You and its own Origin,
Laughing at Nothingness and clapping its own miracle.
Each leaf opens fresh and bright, each atom sings its discovery:
“Resignation is the key to happiness
Grace is the door to the peace beyond the mind.” -Mawlana Rumi

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk, ameen


  1. […] The danger here is one nearing a mental problem. The idea of every aspect of your life being a “spectacle” ties in with that, and therefore, makes the movements of men and women, acts in a sexual charade. Our society is critical of appearance, with the criteria not being one of refinement but rather one that implies, “Your appearance should be in such a way as I would not mind sleeping with you,” but whose reality is closer to, “or fantasize about or stalk.” The ease of this daily challenge is relaxed by simply putting up a steamy photo on Facebook, until people tire of it and then I change it and put up new photos. The common thread with a society stuck on the track of sexual experimentation is there is no end in sight- it is endless. I should mention there are many similarities in endless exertion to music addiction with self-glorification. Contentment (rida) is what is lacking. In the ocean of Islam, contentment is like the salt. Being content with Allah’s decree, makes powerless whatever holds power over you- greed, lust, even hunger or anger. To learn more on contentment see this earlier post. […]

  2. […] us and there are few things that make us content as much as reading the Qur’an does -This piece I wrote a while back gets at the core of […]

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