Posted by: Dawud Israel | February 14, 2010

What would you do in Jannah…

I think we have this idea that Jannah is where things end…but it’s where things begin. We are just in the trailer and the film…

-Break dance with all the Prophets.
-Myself, Ibrahim alayhi salam, and all the little kids that are with him, would go around pulling pranks on everyone in Jannah
-Talk to all those people that Muslims called “deviant!” who got into Jannah and ask them, “so, like what happened, man?”
-Bungee jump from the seventh heaven to the first
-Find out the truth about aliens, Mayan calendars, freemasons and all that craziness
-Read every book in existence and then write many, many more
-Have my own theme song
-Shoot my own Bollywood film and be my own cheesy hero
-Sleep upside down
-Surf a black hole
-Have my own version of the Deen Show
-Ride a T-rex
-Learn all the languages of the world, especially Aramaic, Hebrew and Syriac (the languages of the Prophets)
-Do what Muslims love to do which is argue incessantly on haram and halaal…even though, it is irrelevant what you say
-Never lower my gaze
-Show off how religious I am
-Invent swear words
-Take a dump on the people of Hell

There is a hadith about the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam being asked if he wanted to visit Damascus, since the Muslims had just conquered it. The Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam refused saying, “A man should only enter Jannah once.” Subhana Allah! Now, Damascus itself is said to be the oldest city in the world and the amount of history their is sooo rich, going back to so many civilizations of old. This makes me think, that Jannah itself will contain relics, signs and momentoes of our human history.

-Jokingly ask Imam al-Albani which one of the sayings of the Prophets are authentic, while in the presence of Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wasalam
-Listen to Dawud alayhi salam sing with the mountains
-Hear Rumi recite poetry
-Ask Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Ata’illah, the kalam (Ashari, Maturidi) scholars and the Athari scholars, about the religious feuds and arguments, “So…what now?”
-Fall in love with a thousand houris
-Invent 100 new languages and teach them
-Recite the Quran 1 million times in a second and write 500 books of Tafsir on it
-Study astrology, magic and all those haram sciences and then invent my own versions of them!
-Create and pioneer 50 new branches of social science, write my own theories
-Build perpetual motion machines
-Build a thousand Taj Mahals, combined into one grand building
-Film a feature film on the biography of Jibreel alayhi salam, get the inside scoop on all the hidden and special things…
-Learn all the prime numbers that exist (or don’t now, but will in Jannah) and all the digits Pi goes up to
-Eating contest with the jinns
-Have my own surveillance system to spy on people
-Start my own university of Muslimology
-Learn to cook every style of food
-Invent new technology
-Have a fist-fight with every fictional super-hero
-Make all the Greek myths come true and live as each character…from Narcissus to Prometheus and then have a party

I don’t think “religion” will exist in Jannah…so we can just live.

The point of this article was to connect your imagination with the idea of Jannah and to strive and achieve….just about anything you want therein! We want Islam to have a Golden Age once again…and I can tell you, if it doesn’t happen in this lifetime, it will definitely happen in Jannah!

Subhana kallahumma wa bihamdika ash-haduana la illaha illa ant astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk, ameen.


  1. I notice that none of the things you will do in Jannah have anything to do with Allah. It gives the impression that Jannah would be just as good whether Allah is there or not.

    I doubt you mean this, but we need to ask ourselves whether we want to go to Jannah because that is the place of Allah or because it will be really fun. If we answer the later I am afraid “having fun” or “being happy” has become more important than Allah.

    • True say. I wrote this more in jest to encourage myself…but your are right, without doubt and without question, the greatest pleasure will be to gaze upon the Face (wajh) of Allah. Yet at the same time, the believer should always be occupied with Allah- so its already a given He is the greatest.

      Ibn Qayyim’s al-Fawaid talks about the life of Jannah more in detail and mentions some similar things, I mentioned. I hope to post some quotes from there in sha Allah.

    • That’s a good point.

      As I was thinking of things to say in the below list, I realized that if it was ever possible in the ultimate utopia of Jannah, to satisfy anything and everything I could possibly ever imagine and want – what next? What is there left after I have seen, tasted, ate, smelled, touched, and done everything that I wanted to?

      I don’t think that is possible, and I believe that Jannah is unlimited and beyond the our inherent imagination, but hypothetically, what if we got everything we could ever want? What then?

      What is my purpose?

      And it simply comes down to worshipping Allah – that’s where it is, that’s where the satisfaction lies – and the satisfaction of Jannah is knowing that Allah is happy with you, and you fulfilled your purpose, and heart was used for what it was created for, I think that is the ultimate satisfaction of Jannah, that leaves all of the fruits and bungee jumping as just gravy.

  2. Dawud, asalaam alaikum

    There are three things I can think of that will NOT exist in Jennah: arrogance, hate and vulgarity.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, bro… perhaps you want to be a little more creative and imaginative about your desires in Jennah! ๐Ÿ™‚

    wasalaam alaikum


    • Good point! Never thought of it that way!

  3. -Recite the Quran 1 million times in a second and write 500 books of Tafsir on it

    nice lol.
    inshallah, may allah grant us jannah.

  4. Sit down for a few trillion years, and listen to the long story of creation. Make a movie about it called “Creation: You Just Have No Idea!!!”

    Trace down my family line all the way back to Adam alayhi salaam, and spend a few days chilling with each previous generation.

    Take a dump on Richard Dawkings, Salman Rushdie, Bill Maher, Christopher Hitchens, Tony Blair, George Bush, George Bush Senior, Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Theodore Herzel,

    and a trillion year long dump on Shaytaan,

    oh….and bill o’reilly too.

    Ask the questions “why is everything the way it is, why is everything created, why is Jibrail alayhi salaam’s name “Jibrail”, where does every word come from, where do subatomic particles end, are we energy or matter, is there something beyond energy and matter, was there ever really an atlantis, how many planets are there, are there aliens, what IS everything, does time have a physical dimension, what is beyond time. do animals have their own Jannah, Is there something I forgot to ask? ”

    I would spend eternity trying to learn everything I can about Allah Subhana Wah Ta’ala that He Almighty would permit me to know.

    Create a star trek fleet:

    “Jannah…..,the final frontier, Space. These are the voyages of the Usmanistan Enterprise. Its 7 billion year mission: to explore strange dimensions; to seek out former lives and civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before”

  5. It’s a good thing I wasn’t drinking water, otherwise I would have been spitting it right out after reading this :

    -Break dance with all the Prophets.

  6. asalaam alaikum, i wanted to aska question, not sure if this is the right place though: Is it true that in jannat you can do anything?! Things that arent permitted in islamic culture..??
    Obviously not ‘sins’.. But other things, like music, romance, imodesty??
    (weird question but im finding it out for a few friends)
    Jazakallah khair ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Romance is allowed in Islam. It’s just some cultures are weird about it. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was a romantic husband. Also, things like imodesty and negative things like that will not exist nor would they be desired by anyone.

  7. salam sorry i just had to make a list of the things i wud like to do if i got there

    ‘stare at Allah and his beauty everyday
    ‘get massive houses of chocolate without getting fat
    ‘have a big pink bird that nocks on my door every morning and takes me to beautiful places
    ‘take long showers in the sweetest warm waters
    ‘ask Allah how everything actually started
    ‘ask if i could see myself when i was getting made from the mud
    ‘ask for the beautifullest blue eyes ever seen
    ‘a small cute baby girl thats 1 yearr old and never grows and i could buy her billions and billions of clothes
    ‘videos of me in this dunya doing good things
    ‘ask if i could go to hell and talk to the people who did bad things in this dunya and show them videos of themselfs doing bad things

    wow i could go on for days and for the sisters who say men get hoors what do we get [ i was one of them lol ] the simple answer is ANYTHING WE WANT!

    come on sisters think about all the things we would get. lets just worry about getting there first thanks

  8. […] —>Taken from: […]

    • I’d just spend time conversing with Allah (swt), and ask Him to bless me with whatever He thinks I would be most pleased with, as He knows me better than I know myself.

  9. LOL! Break dance with all the prophets.
    ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. That literally brought tears of laughter to my eyes. That would be awesome!

  10. I would ask allah to show me how he gave half beauty to all mankind and other half to prophet yusuf i would visit sidratul muntaha i would want a whole house filled with different kinds of perfumes i would like a flying horse i would want very beautiful girls

  11. well here is a list of things i would like to do and i have/will requested from Allah subhanahu wa ta`ala

    1) I want to be Allah`s secretary so i can go round doing jobs for him that many angels get the pleasure of doing plus i get to see his everlasting beauty every single day which i will never get tired of.
    2) Have 10,000 beautiful husbands.
    3) Have all the most expensive cars combined together to make a rocket.
    4) Have cute twins boy and girl and buy them toys, clothes and have so much unimaginable fun.
    5) Build a GIGANTIC house made out of food like chocolate, sweets and cake Mmmm.
    6) Make as many friends as possible and enjoy each others company.
    7) Start my own hogwarts company and have magical powers and broom sticky things that make you fly.
    8)Start my own international gang of jinns.
    9) ask nicki minaj whos roman
    10) Run a nursery.

    • You will only have 1 husband,that you will be completely satisfied with. Your not going to have 10,000 husbands.

      May Allah guide you to understanding the differences in rights for the men and women. InshaAllah

      • We can have whatever we want in Jannah, whether that be 1 husband or 1 million.

  12. Here’s my list:

    I want to live as all the fictional characters! Fly, have magic powers, fight monsters, be a ninja, walk on water, make my own ice castle!

    Visit all the beautiful places on Earth, then visit all the beautiful places in Jannah! (Even though Jannah will never run out of beautiful places)

    Learn about how everything came to be

    watch a movie of my life

    go on long peaceful walks on the beach

    not have to worry about dressing modestly or covering my hair

    beat up all the Disney Villains and rescue the good guys!

    Learn Everything there is to know about Islam (If that’s possible!)

    And of course… Having the honor to look upon the face of Allah SWT ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Id ask allah to forgive me for all the bad i did, and forgive all those who do bad and forgive those in hell

      • Id ask for flying, aw man flying would amazing and seeing allah and living in the pokemon world and maybe not forgive everyone just those who lost there way:) i wanna live in hogwarts , see the tale of everything man are all of things everyone listed possible?

  13. You’ve got talent man..

  14. oh wait, here’s my list

    – have millions of hoors
    – have billions of servants
    – play multiplayer video game with hoors (and servants) ๐Ÿ˜€
    – meet all of my friends of this world
    – eat all the day
    – order my servants to build a mansion
    – drink red wine (also vodka & beer)
    – break dance
    – get my own pet (cats, dogs and dinosaurs)

  15. uh wait, there are more things in my list i want to do in jannah

    – sit in the clouds
    – walk in the air
    – dive into the river of wine
    – communicate with animals
    – talk with trees
    – and also DJ Party

  16. please follow an instagram page called jannah_daydream it is exactly what you’re talking about here but in pictures! O.O

    • Its not active now…..right??

  17. Masha allah after reading all of the above, it really made me cry just thinking about what we can do in jannah FOREVER!!!!! just think of the concept forever. WE ARE NOT GONNA DIE!!! we will be with the Ever Lasting Allah for eternity!!!!!! living the true wonder life.

    Here is what i would do if Allah allows me to enter jannah…

    -first thank Allah sooooooo much for letting me enter into jannah
    -get to look at Allah’s face
    -roam around in jannah
    -swim in the rivers of jannah without needing air
    -travel in space and find out if aliens exist
    -see what lies past the seven heavens and jannah. Is it just black matter or are there other universes with other creatures also being tested with life just like us.
    -ask for wings and fly through the clouds
    -i would like to see my family from dunya in jannah
    -finnaly get to see the jinn and get to see their life and what they did in dunya
    -sit with the prophets and ashaba and ask them about everything that happened in their era.
    -have a replay of how the universe was created
    -ride the largest roller coaster ever without throwing up ๐Ÿ™‚
    -eat as many sweets as possible!!
    -hold annual tournaments with newly invented sports ( angles vs jinn & humans LOL)
    -be able to use magic
    -surf the black hole
    -travel in space with the speed of light
    -finally get to launch a kamayha mayha blast!!
    -do all the dance moves that were hard to do on earth
    -listen to bilaal radiyallaahu anhu call the adaan

    Masha allah i can go on but instead of writing it down i will strive to achieve jannah (with Allah’s mercy) and make all my dreams reality

    Thanks for reading my post and may Allah grant all of us Jannah Insha allah.

    • Kame kameha….๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚……i wish i could live the world of naruto too…insha allah

  18. I wud like to touch the glorious face of prophet muhammad(saw)if i wud enter jannah.inshallah!

  19. The albani one killed me ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘

  20. Would anyone of you want to be johan liebert from the anime ‘monster’ ?

  21. The perception of what Jannah is varies from person to person. My perception of Jannah is a โ€œzeroโ€ state, which can be compared to โ€œnothing-nessโ€, like a โ€œdreamLESS sleepโ€. Imagination creates reality and we have been doing that since Adam/Eve became conscious of duality (actually long before the physical universe). A persons understanding of xyz is based on beliefs and the more you hold on to these beliefs, the more they shape ones understanding of xyz.

  22. Ooo this is interesting. Well

    1. Meet Allah and see him (Best gift of jannah)
    2. Meet the prophets
    3. Fly in the Heavens with beautiful White wings FAST through the valleys and places of jannah
    4. Go to the beach and relax
    5. Listen to surat al rahman with the most beautiful recitation
    6. Serving Allah (If Allah allows for that ofcourse)
    7. Speak with the angels and say salam
    8. Meet my loved ones
    9. Go out on adventures and trips
    9. be happy that Allah is finally pleased with me
    10. Pray and Glorify Allah

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