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Scholars respond and critique “The Arrivals” film series


You can now listen to the panel discussion on Youtube

A short email I sent out earlier this week

Many of you have heard about “The Arrivals” video series floating on Youtube. It’s a 50 series part “documentary” (almost 7-8 hours long which worsens the propagandistic effect) and has gained a massive popularity among Muslims everywhere. Most practicing Muslims who have some knowledge of their deen can spot the errors and problems of this documentary, the distortion of hadith, the odd underlying Shia associations, and the disillusion it creates among Muslims by making shaytan, freemasonry, the occult and whatever political powers may be appear more mighty than Allah’s Haqq. It is what you would call “psychological warfare” against Islam- mixing part truth with part lies, so the believer is lured in by the truth and then stuck in the lies. I corresponded with one of the film-makers (who is now banned from Youtube) and he was nothing more than a recent convert with delusions about jinns (or what he believed to be lizard people) most likely as a result of isolation from the Muslim community! So take care of your convert brothers and sisters. Also this series has created interest in Islam among the less religious of our community, so try your best to take advantage of that window of dawah opportunity and bring them to something more beneficial that will build their eman and confidence in Islam (Islamic literature!) but don’t make them feel silly for buying into this strange film.

This lecture is the only talk I know of where ulema (in South Africa) discuss this documentary, critique it and what the popularity of this online film says about Muslims today. Shaykh Sulaimaan Moola, who you may know of, is also in the discussion.

You can listen here:

MP3 Download link:

There will be more discussion on that radio show in the weeks to follow. Here’s a quote from the talk:

“Throughout history many nations have suffered a physical defeat, but that has never marked the end of a nation. But when a nation has become the victim of a psychological defeat, then that marks the end of a nation.”

-Ibn Khaldun, Muqadammah (consider the rumor of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam’s death and compare that to modern rumors of some insidious New world order)

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  1. Salams

    I regard myself as “practising” and whilst i agree that there are a few problems with the series, as a whole they were seriously thought provoking.

    Your criticisms are superficial and without depth and so easily dismissible – provide your readers with a critique of the major points of the series (such as the Dajjal being released and Gog and Magog and the phases of the Dajjallic journey from Britain to Israel) and we may listen and agree with you.

    You and the scholars unfortunately have failed to do that so what is there to do?

    I have listened to this talk and to be honest i was very disappointed.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Shaykh Suleman Moola and the rest of the ullema of South Africa, i have learnt a lot from them over the years.

    This, for me, is an example of how the ullema today are out of touch.

    They talked about the technology and the Internet and so on but failed to address the issue at heart. Yes, we all agree that there are some inappropriate images on the Arrivals, yes there may be a slight Shia slant too and yes there is music….

    So what?

    The success of the Arrivals was in spite of these things and NOT because of them. If people were interested in scantily clad women and music there are far better places to go that the Arrivals series… please!

    The reason the Arrivals is so successful is because of the main message contained within it and if the Ullema wish to address the message because they feel that it is wrong, it they should do so by breaking down the arguments and providing the ummah with an opposing position.

    This is not what they are doing and instead of focussing on the message they are more concerned with the dangers of the images and music within it.

    wa salam

    • well said brother …i respect you for that as do i respect the arrivals

      • Thought provoking indeed.

    • The arrivals is just propaganda skillfully put together with fragmented information and filled with words people can google to get further misguided, afraid, angry or confused. Most of the information isn’t in the Quran, but pure fiction and disguised fundamentalism. The wolf among sheep they are much talking about. As for the narrative, for this is no more than fiction to me, I am disappointed. All books and movies I know about free masonry, world domination and other conspiracy theories, wrote by westerners, are much more interesting and fun than this. If you want to kill some time and freaked out about conspiracies, just read Dan Brown. If you want the truth, read what Allah said and don’t listen to what others tell you. If you believe in anything you also know it is not for you to judge others. Even if you think they are devil worshippers. LOL.

  2. It has its merits though in making people interested in this topic area and in being an effort to bring something new, but aside from that, there’s not much to it.

    The only reason it is successful is because of the hollywood-style visuals, and special effects, and because of Muslims love to hear apocalyptic stuff. It imputes some sort of importance on them and makes them realize Islam matters, but only in a way that they feel they cannot fulfill and therefore creates despondency. But at the same time it creates such paranoia, pessimism and cynicism that there is little benefit from watching 8 hours of that drivel. This is the crux of the criticism. It is misusing Islam to make Muslims feel they are weak and powerless, and moreover that evil is the norm of the world, the undeniable nature of this world is sin. The brothers I know who are obsessed with this have become very confused, only really have an eye for evil and obstinate in thinking they are gaining something from all this conspiracy theories, when it is only increasing their disillusionment, and pushing them away from Allah.

    I think its the reverse, the people have distanced themselves from the scholars. As soon as people begin to reject the scholars I think something is seriously wrong. If you want to find real thought-provoking material on this area, you could read ibn Kathirs book on the signs of the end of time or listen to Shaykh Hamza yusuf’s lectures on the area. Really, its a comparison of diamonds to dirt. There is so much more you can better benefit than from watching this.

    The reality of this is people prefer a half-truth to the real truth. And if you keep accepting that, well, sooner or later you will fall into misguidance and we are most likely entering a new era of jahiliyya. These are the signs of a growing ignorance in the world, where people prefer to believe in a death sentence over attempting a chance in doing some good and earning Jannah.

    • they are too lazy to continue the argument, thats all.

  3. Br. Hamza – asalaam alaikum

    I commend you for your most profound statement: “if the Ullema wish to address the message because they feel that it is wrong, they should do so by breaking down the arguments and providing the ummah with an opposing position.”

    This is exactly what Rasulallah did to convince the disbelievers about SHIRK and KUFR. He did not simply complain about the disbelief; he did not simply pass judgement against them; he did not condemn them to hell, but rather broken down their arguments and provided them an opposing argument in favor of TAWHID and ISLAM.

    This is exactly what we, as a nation/ummah, need to do to change our situation: break down the arguments and convince ourselves, first, and the Ummah, at large, that TAWHID and ISLAM is the path to success in this life and the hereafter.

    We need to read the Quran as if it is being revealed to us directly; we need to practice the Sunnah as our own habit and not as an acquired or inherited ritual/custom.

    wassalaam alaikum, wa barakallahu feekum ajma’een!

  4. Salam,

    Although Arrivals does have a lot of bs, I don’t see how you can just reject the New World Order “conspiracy.” It’s crucial for Muslims to know that not everyone is oblivious of the true teaching of our religion. A lot of people know but they have their own agenda, a one world government, which Islamic teachings are theatening them to achieving. Even hamza yusuf have a huge lecture on this, I dunno if you’ve heard it.

    • To accept the conspiracy is to admit defeat. To put your trust in Allah and invest in Islam is to work for success.

      I have been aware of these ideas and read books and listened to lectures on them a long, long time ago. This is nothing new to me and I know how little benefit these ideas carry. They are not empowering in the least.

      I strongly suggest brothers work hard to find the good and start mining the libraries and bookstores, rather than mining youtube trash.

      • Dear Brother
        The discussion is never about maiming anyone or anything. Its about proofs , if u have any please elaborate. As of now all the so called scholars that I have heard about emphasis on a singular thing that the video contains music and provocative imagery , yes understood , but if u want to want the ummah against The Arrivals and its false implications provide facts and hard facts and nothing but the facts. Sadly it no where to be see.

  5. Part 2 is up:

  6. @ Dawud

    Salams bro

    I take a different view to your statement “To accept the conspiracy is to admit defeat”

    Just because something is labeled a “conspiracy” doesn’t mean it’s wrong. 9/11, for example, is a conspiracy but the truth is that Muslims didn’t do it!

    I would also argue that for many people discovering that these conspiracies are true will increase them in fervour for their deen.

    We obviously have reliance upon Allah aza wa jal but we need to know our enemy! Didn’t Rasulallah (saw) say that deception is part of warfare?

    Have we not been deceived about many things? 9/11, 7/7, Israel etc? have you asked yourself the question why would they deceive us?

    Why was Israel created? What is their philosophy, their aims according to them? why does the US support them no matter what, why has she given Israel over $100 billion over the past 40 years?

    If you have the answer please, many people would love to hear it?

    Moreover, i would suggest that instead simply dismissing things as “trash” find out the truth and tell us? break down the arguments

    If you know its trash, then you have a duty to inform us of the reasons

    with love


    • The problem with Muslims now is everyone thinks they know better than everyone else. 1 scholar says something and 50 Muslims will disagree with him and the other 50 will remain silent. But you look at other communities, 1 person stands up and 99 stand up behind him.

      I’ve smelt the trash, trust me bro, I know! I’m telling you something from experience, just as the scholars are telling you something from their years of experience, so please stop and think. Though this may indeed increase religious fervor, that can have a downside…a faith fueled by apocalyptic ideas will only search to make those ideas more felt and make Muslims feel more disenchanted. If your deen is based on sensationalism and controversy, are those really terms you feel comfortable in facing Allah?

      I know about everything from the fluoridation theories, the UFOs, to jinn stories in North America, to so-called hybrid jinns, to magical theories and their history in the Muslim world. You name it. I know a great deal about the political situations too. Trust me bro, I know! And I will tell you, it is more beneficial to America and the West for Muslims to believe documentaries like the arrivals. America benefits more from this film than Muslims do! It makes Muslims look like nutjobs who believe anything, have zero credibility and don’t know how to live in the real world. We come to accept a lower standard of credibility effectively making us unable to enter the real world. Instead, we should be sharpening our intellectual powers of discernment, scrutiny and professionalism. Rumors are no way to run an ummah.

      Most of these theories are beyond the scope of verification. I’m not saying some of them aren’t true, but the vast majority remain underground to the extent anybody can use this knowledge for their agenda. You may listen to a documentary on green-house gas, but then at the end of the documentary, they start talking about why this proves lizard people exist. It’s a cesspool and most of these documentaries have very little to do with changing anything- they have everything to do with ego. They push people away and make them feel powerless, just about everyone I know who watches this stuff thinks the powers that be are stronger than they actually are and therefore, they become recluse, isolationist and day and night curse the system.

      In fact, Muslims believe in these theories more intensely than they should. They feel as if these facts are written in stone. That’s not the case. Political ideas are not in the realm of religion- its totally uncalled for, that these documentaries have tried to turn Israel’s world dominance into an article of faith.

      If on the other hand, you have some books you would like to mention, go right ahead. I don’t entertain silly ideas on this blog, unlike many of the other medieval blogs out there.

  7. i hate to say this but dawood you dodge questions better than george bush. it was a simple question the brother asked you simply break down all the underlying arguments from a factual standpoint. the documentary cleary does nothing but bring muslims together, and simply shows muslims “the producers” thoughts and opinions on some interesting correlations in architecture and history. THEY PROMOTE THE IDEA OF US REASEARCHING for ourselves and understanding the issues better from a personal viewpoint. I dont see the negative in this. this kind of ideology is a breathe of fresh air after the constant bombardment of faith based ways of thinking, where people are treated like cattle and are told what to believe by you and your backward thinking scholars. You scholars have complicated such a simple religion into a life struggle.

    • Assalaamu alaikum,

      I agree with brother Dawood.

      The documentary is very flawed and it boggles the mind that so many muslims (from what I can see of the comments section of youtube) seem to beleive the presentation without question. In all honesty is one of the weakest documentaries on social engineering and globalization/the new world order out there. I beleive it weakens the muslims because it diminishes their ability to reason and asses things critically, it is designed to appeal to emotion and not the intellect. It seems that some muslims were unable to exercise basic critical thinking, many seemed to parrot of direct (and dubious) claims from the series.

      They provide no sources to verify their claims, or to even research the theoretical foundation for the various assertions in the videos. They use emotional persuasion tactics based on movie clips, images and music to lead people into conclusions without providing evidence or sources.

      If you want documentaries that provides evidence for it’s claims, and sources you can verify check out INVISIBLE EMPIRE and FABLED ENEMIES. Check out the works of Jason Bermas and Alex Jones for far better researched documetaries on an ‘alternative’ look at world politics.

      Really I think it would be better if they were to promote critical thinking amongst the ummah, maybe we wouldn’t have so many muslims passing on ‘chain emails’ with no factual basis, and believing unverifiable conspiracy theories to be fact.

    • khalid:

      This your first warning, any further attacks on Islam will not be tolerated.

      I am not a scholar. And please do not get emotional. Please understanding without the ulema, you would have no religion, and nothing worth fighting for. Please browse the rest of this blog, before commenting.

      And in the questions Hamza raised, this documentary does not answer them. Do you want Muslims to ONLY watch this documentary? Why not watch other documentaries, and more importantly, why not READ? So tell me, what was the last non-fiction book you read?

      I find it sad, Muslims want to search out all their answers in a poorly-researched documentaries, like this, than fine they have every freedom to do so. They have security, shelter, enough to eat, and while the ummah burns, rather than spending our time in libraries, at a point in history where literacy and access to knowledge is greater than any point in history, we prefer to avoid all that and squander all that blessing in vain pursuits and theorizing over youtube videos, that for all intents and purposes are most likely produced by individuals who may not even be Muslims or could be simply fronting as Muslims. Those ‘psy-ops’ have been done before on Muslim minds, I’ve found some of them, and that is only because I have refused to have politics all spelled out for me.

      Do you know the makers of this film? Do you know they have caused trouble for Muslim organizations? Do they really come off as credible to you?

      Think next time- rather than believe in everything you come across.

  8. Salaam walaikum warahmatullah, may Allaah S.W.T forgive and guide us all, I have not watched this film but have wanting to, but after reading this page I have decided not to. Khalid with all due respect Islam may simple, and that is part of the beauty, BUT it IS and SHOULD BE a struggle day in, day out, for all of us in the Ummah to fulfill our Deen to the best of our ability. And as for the scholars, they should’nt change there views for us, those of us who wish to truly walk in the Way of Islam must change for them, or rather the knowledge that Allaah S.W.T has given them. Islam isn’t about blind faith, its our faith is so exceptionally strong because we rely on intelligent reasoning and analyzing the proofs we have, and the Ulemma are the ones who have studied deeply and assist us in our learning. So basically, respect for any one is important and is basically incumbent upon us, and especially so for those who have studied long and hard, if they advise you to stay away from something, whether it is a book or movie, LISTEN TO THEM they know what they are talking about! Anyway.
    Jumuah Mubarak to all on this glorious day, Astaghfirullaah, and if i have been incorrect on anything I have said please inform and correct me so that I may improve my Deen.

    Asalaam Walaikum

  9. salam,,
    i have watched till 20 parts and i m a very young muslim boy and i m very much confused n scared nd wondering 2 watch or nt to watch remaining parts…..wen eve i c a single eye or a triangle lik pyramid i get scared what is this eye nd pyramid ,,half of thing i dint understood and that cartoon n movies n music part is that real??and how abt that tim and 9/11 is that tru??? i m totally freaked out……plz some ullema comment nd suggest me????????????? thnx

    • Lo! Conspiracy is only of the devil, that he may vex those who believe; but he can harm them not at all unless by Allah’s leave. In Allah let believers put their trust

      do not believe everything you hear, and remember that these videos were made by the shi’aa – a lot of what they say in the video is not of the sunni beliefs.

      i suggest not to continue to watch these videos as they do not benefit muslims.

      keep your trust in alllah, and remember that nothing happens without the will of Allah swt.

      • Lol blaming everything on the shi’a, good one. Shi’a and sunni are all in this together, were muslims. And so are the muslims and christians. Enough finger pointing.

        If you don’t like something, tolerate it, you can gain a lot by watching this series and putting aside the differences and instead focussing on the simliarites.

  10. AsSalamuAlaikum,

    It all boils down to two words: so what?

    Does watching it increase our iman? Do we become better Muslims? Do we start praying the sunnah more often? Do we start fasting sunnah? Do we now spend more in charity?

    After all, that’s what matters isn’t it?

    We won’t be questioned whether we knew who Freemasons, Illuminati, Reptilians and what have you were.

    We WILL be questioned as to what good deeds we have brought – prayers, fasting, charity and the like.

    I don’t know about you, but THAT is what is seriously lacking in the Ummah today. It is enough of a tragedy for the Muslim Ummah that there are those who claim to be Muslims yet do not pray.

    Did you pray? No. Did you watch ‘The Arrivals’? Yes.

    Sorry, not good enough for Jannah.

    And God it is Who Guides.

  11. Sigh! Asalamwalaikum brothers and sisters and everyone else

    I watched the documentary, every episode. it’s thought provoking. I don’t recall the makers of the documentary asking us to believe what they are saying unequivocally. THEY ARE SAYING ” GO AND CHECK IT OUT FOR YOURSELF”

    They are just presenting what they have found as what THEY believe is true. No one says that we must accept it. If you want to challenge the contents of the documentary, the best way would be to disect the documentary and argue on the basis of “HARDCORE FACTS” the reasons as to why people shouldn’t believe what is being presented, not that they should believe it either. I’ve read many comments example “FLAWED,BS,TRASH ETC. ETC. ETC.” But if all this is indeed trash, why isn’t someone telling us FACTUALLY as to why this is trash?

    Atleast ONE, just ONE person should be able to provide logical FACTS that discredit the contents. All I hear is criticism without tangible reasons.

    I’m not saying that I believe or disbelieve the contents.I can do neither unless I research the facts behind what is being presented.

    To simplify, this is what I’m seeing.

    Noreaga and Ackenaar : The toothfairy is real. If you put your tooth under your pillow, it goes missing and you receive a gift. Go try it and see.

    Believer in the toothfairy : You are right, my tooth went missing, and I received a gift. That explains it.

    Critisizer : This is absurb, trash, BS, the claim is flawed.

    Believer in the tooth fairy : It isn’t. Why is it trash?

    Critisizer : Because it is.

    Believer in toothfairy : But why?

    Critisizer : Just, its far fetched.

    Believer in the toothfairy : Ok, please prove to me factually that this is trash

    Critisizer : Erm…..Erm…..Erm…….(whistling, scratching head)….nice weather today hey? Good for the beach…….Erm….Erm……Oh, if you believe in toothfairy, then it’s going to make you stupid

    That is what I am seeing (just my opinion)

    Dawud, Khalid was not “attacking Islam”. You overeacted, read his comments with an open mind. He was expressing his opinion as we all are doing here. If he feels that the scholars are backwards, that is his opinion and has every right to express it, it’s not an attack on Islam (sigh!)

    Khalid, we are treated like cattle, I agree, but that is not because of the scholars. It is our own fault that we are sheep and not shepards. We don’t have the knowledge to shepard. Wish we did, but that can change.

    No power is greater than that of our CREATOR. We know this as FACT. Our CREATOR has given us a gift of free will, choice and a brain with the capacity to learn and make decisions. It is up to us as to what we choose to believe based on our interpretation of whatever is being presented.

    I commend Noreaga and Ackenaar for the work that they have done, not because I believe what they are saying, but for provoking thought.


    Simple message!

    Abdullah, nice comments. But your are missing the plot. This is about the Arrivals, critique and responses. I agree with what you are saying though.

    M.V.,nice comments. Shia, Sunni, Tabligh,many names. Even a Shia can say something profound. His opinion is valid too.
    H.A., I agree with you. We are all created by ONE CREATOR.
    Mohammed Ismail, don’t be scared.There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Be brave little brother. ALLAH is our protector.
    Gareth, I agree and disagree with you. Islam has been made simple for us, it is we that are struggling to live simply. Fulfilling our deen to the best of our ability shouldn’t be a struggle theoretically, it’s a privilage. As for the scholars, we shouldn’t be changing what we believe for them or for what knowledge that we think they have. We all have the capacity to gain knowledge. We must respect them, and everyone, even people of other faiths, but not to the extent that must not question them. How else will we learn if we don’t ask questions and challenge them? Asking a question out of pride and ego, and asking a question in order to learn and understand, can be easily misinterpreted. If the scholars ask us to stay away from something, WE MUST NOT JUST LISTEN TO THEM. I believe we must find out why, so that we may inform others appropriately. You can’t use the argument that “YOU MUST NOT EACH FISH. WHY? BECAUSE GARETH TOLD ME SO”
    You have to back up what you say with a tangible reason and if you don’t ask the scholars, then what are you learning?

    Dudelove, I agree with most of what you are saying. Granted that the presentation of the documentary contains music, images etc. which stir an emotional response. The music part,errr, shouldn’t be there. Maybe some commentary instead. But how else would you present the images if that is the evidence that they are presenting?
    A picture says a thousand words. the Matrix clips, Lord of the Rings and what not, in my opinion was a clever way to attract the attention of the viewer because most of us most likely have watched those. It’s a movie making tactic, that’s all it is. I don’t believe noreaga nd ackenaar are trying to get us all emotional and confused, but merely trying to get us to think about the contents. If people become obssessive and paranoid, then they have lost the plot.

    Hamza, really intelligent comments, thank you for that brother.

    I really enjoyed commenting. I don’t mean to offend anyone. If I did, I apologise sincerely. It’s good that we are discussing these things. No need to argue with each other though or attack or get defensive. This is constructive critism of sorts, which is good.

    Take care all.


    • Got no strong views either way however I’d like to point out that the claim that the British Royal Family changed it’s real name because, as implied by the Arrivals, of it’s pharoanic link is highly questionable. Yes, it is true they changed it but not for the reason as implied in the Arrivals. The royal family is of germanic origin, it’s german name was SAXE-COBURG GOTHA. During WW1, the British suffered great numbers of casualties and anti-german sentiment was at fever pitch. George V, then the reigning king, WAS fearful of a public backlash against the Royal Family because of it’s germanic origins. It was decided to change the name to WINDSOR with which the Royal family is known today. George V even ordered his relations with germanic names to anglisize them, thus BATTENBERG became MOUNTBATTEN. This facts are known and it’s a matter of public record, It has never been concealed or covered up.
      While the Arrivals exhorts people to do research, the problem is that they usually end up researching more conspiracy theories to verify the conspiracy theories. To ascertain the truth, we need detailed background knowledge on subjects such as history, culture, science or even languages, Only then are we able to discern fact from fiction. The Arrivals has done great service in that at the very least, brought folks back to their religious beliefs, its claims (other than that which accords with Islamic teachings) should not be taken as conclusive. There is an amount of very dubious information in the Arrivals, intentionally or not is a matter of speculation and a matter which I will not go into now. In closing perhaps that when we start to feel the Last Day is near, it is helpful to make the presumption that what we are feeling is actually our Death that coming soon if not sooner.

  12. The main thing is that these people who made the films were not even scholars! They are just mere filmakers who know how to use film to lure people into their web of lies (ie they can cleverly manipulate films to make it appear though provoking and clever to the ignorant, but in fact all the image repititons are a tool to try and indoctrinate fear). After watching it to the end, I became utterly convinced its just a fraud, especially with the shia undertones especially at the end (hint who are the rightly guided ones apparently, even though they a sect which spread in secret for centuries and promotes lying, and attributes their Imams to have some divine aspects – which is shirk…) Anyway what I have gained is the understanding that the only way one can pass the test of this Dunya is to strengthen their iman and do good deeds. Thats all we are going to take in the afterlife. There was an interesting hadith narrated by Abu hurairah who narrated that the prophet (SAWS) said “remember the ultimate destroyer of pleasure – death”. The meaning of it being that the wisest are those who remember the grave. Anyway peace out! Salams!

  13. Salam Brothers
    After reading all the comments I would like to add up something…….at the day when Satan refused to bow in front of Adam he declared war against the mankind………and a war has begun ever since…..between the good and the evil……what I have learned from this documentary is that our enemies have very easily trapped us and had brain washed the young muslim generation by showing nudity and other such things in the name of entertainment……Riba is now known as profit in some Islamic countries…..most of our muslim brothers are watching their entertainment programs at the time of prayers…..these are the things to be learned… one is forcing you to believe in this documentary……. satan himself is not deceiving muslims but his followers are doing the job for him… start taking things easy

  14. Ain’t got no proof for what i’m going to say but i believe this is a Russian con job. The communist pricks are not mentioned at all despite being the worst anti-God bastards who set up a violently anti-God regime in Russia and persecuted and mudered believers of all faiths.Sure, the Soviet Union is no more but the inheritors of the Bolsheviks still sit in the Kremlin. If the Bolsheviks are not disciples of Satan, then i don’t know who is. There is a picture of King Abdullah of Jordan, who as far as i know, is Ahly Bayt. with Vladimir Putin. The King is shown showing the masonic two hand gesture whereas Putin is not. In fact no Russian leader (past or present) not Yeltsin, not that ultra fascist asshole Zhirinovsky or Putin the Butcher of Chenchnya is implicated as being in the so-called Satanic World Mafia of world leaders. Not even that old Godless Monster Josef Stalin. What a suspicious omission.. If it’s in any episode, could someone tell me which one cause i could have missed it.

  15. There are a number of things in the arrivals and the radio programme, which are contrary to the teachings of Islam. Human beings have the tendency to get carried away with small discoveries, which they think their climbing a chair has actually been an incident of climbing the highest mountain.

    Who is behind the arrivals film? I don’t know, nor I need to know. The film is no more than a collection of theories. Its by no means a representation of authentic divine guidance. I don’t need a four part radio programme to point out the obvious.

    Those of you familiar with the modern internet forum style of communication maybe aware that the arrivals film is structured very much like a typical forum thread, in which theories are passed by individuals as facts. Not everyone bothers checking to verify the authenticity, which can be quite misleading.

    Those of you who have seen the arrivals maybe aware, that much of it concentrates of a limited hope scenario. This is a clear mistake, as pointed out in the radio programme. The Quran teaches us to never lose hope in the mercy of Allah.

    That aside, the radio programme had its own short-comings. A few minutes into part two, the speaker mentioned the recitation of Torah was discouraged for one of the reasons being that it may end up being documented as part of the Quran. This is contrary to what the Quran teaches us, that Allah takes responsibility to complete and protect His revelation.

  16. To simplify the above: Rather than worrying about the presence of a scary one-eyed monster, one should try to improve ones own self. The true struggle for righteousness starts from within.

    Muslims and communities since before our own, have been warned of evil, but that’s not all the story. Along with the warning, came the means to tackle the problem.

  17. ألا بذكرالله تطمئن القلوب 13:28

  18. Hi to all
    i have visited WAFI CENTRE DUBAI….
    n much to my surprise , the arrivals is right.
    guys, think they have done a great job by providing us a lot of information on one place.
    there are lot of bad things bt good things are more


  19. As Salaam brothers..

    The Prophet Muhammed (SAW) has said: “Good news to those who are absorbed in their own weaknesses rather than the weaknesses of others”

    Let us all strive to correct our inner beings and if this documentary is a means that brings you closer to your Creator then it is good for you.

    Allah knows best.

    • Asalaam-o-alaikum ! I think these brothers made dis documentary to strengthen our deen cause after absorbing all I seen it came bk to basics da 5 pillars in islam ! N nt to believe wat da west wants us to believe we talk so much but we driving cars dats of U S origination n yet we stand b4 one another n argue ,we need to pull up our socks b4 we cut a brothers pants ! We are Muslims dats wats more important act lyk our Nabi Muhammed n protect islam n da Sunnah , shukran ! Wasalaams

  20. why is this not made in video form, while are we listening and not actually viewing the people in the discussion. am sorry to say this but what if those in the discussion that claimed to be scholars are not the people they claim to be, how are we sure they are the people they claim to be cos we cannot see them we just listen to their voice. At least in the Arrival documentary, the guy showed himself and i believed people that know him will recognize him.

    • Its from a radio show in South Africa. I just turned it into a video for accessibility.

  21. Salam bros and sis’,

    I have watched the documentary recently and have read the comments on this page. the documentary does present many hidden and some not so hidden truths. In my opinion, the brothers who have made this documentary have done well to try and connect the dots, because, this is what they have basically tried to do. I’ve seen that bros or sis’ whichever one, have written that the music is haram and that this documentary shows explicit images. The music that was in the documentary in no way made me think of any sort of evil which is forbidden in Islam so why is it haram? and of course the images that were present in the documentary were haram, they were explaining a form of psychological warfare which was explained with examples of children movies from Disney. After watching this documentary I felt I was weak, but only because I’m not as close to my religion to my Allah. Not because Evil has a stronghold in the world and Muslims are being repressed. whoever made up that silly idea ey… If this doco can make people think, be aware and maybe slightly afraid of the situation were in and if those people turn to Allah for help and guidance, isnt that an overall good result?

    • I suggest you take a listen to the videos posted above that discuss the merits and weak points of the Arrivals.

  22. Asaalamu alaikum? Brothers and sister . For me arrival is fine becouse it changed my mind and many muslim and on top of that every non muslim lgive it to watch it most of them change inshallah so if sheikh see something wrong its they dute to tell us and then we decide which way to go . But remaber they is some the sheikh like that on of egypt who passed away he was behind the kufar . He was stopping the women from wearing hijab ang give coment and ahadith .so we a human being and the best of all we amuslim we know what is halam and halal .

  23. Mxm u people doubting the truth… Just shows how controled u realy r… These ppl try to do good… Isnt that evidence enough? And cumon if u doubt the xcistance of the illuminti its 1 of 3 things
    1. Uv been brainwashd nd too dependant on everything.
    2.ur dumb
    3. Remembe* the illuminati r xstreamly clever ppl, wrighters ect. Ofcoz they would hav, in the past, written cover-ups for the real truth. Cum on ppl open ur eyes…
    (4) u r being askd by the elite to lie 4 them(shame on u)

    The Arivals was too much of a threat to thier xstreamly perfect plan… Remember hw truth wud b handled?…
    Jus shows wot God can do with 2 ordinary ppl… Im sure God has a nice place put’d out 4 them up there…

  24. @Dawud Israel, May ALLAH be with you, Amen

  25. Assalamu alaikum brothers n sister,

    Im going against my rule on not trolling.

    @ Tahlita, my oh my, i have never laughed so hard my brother. just a question is ur 1-4 steps out of ignorance or do u really believe that.

    1. illuminati is a small group of people that were against the church, mainly said to be artisans and of the like.

    2. If these people are so smart and secretive and good at covering their tracks, how did u hear about them? How is people still know about them 300 yrs or so.

    3. Threat to what exactly? No Central reserve bank is worried, No government is crying or holding emergency meetings.

    Seriously people grow up, this is entertainment thats it. If it happens to open up your eyes to some reality that not everybody plays nice ok good. other than that you will waste countless hours and the rest of your life fearful of an invisible intangible entity.

    And my brother God doesnt need two people to show you what he can do. Go read a few scientific books and ponder on the TRUE and real miracles that happen every fraction of a nano-second that keeps the world in order to see the power of Allah (SWT)

    @ Dawud thank you for the links brother may Allah reward you.
    As for the movie I have seen about half of it, nothing new just rehashed parts of other conspiracy theories.

    At the end of the day anything that affects us is from Allah (SWT)

  26. “Throughout history many nations have suffered a physical defeat, but that has never marked the end of a nation. But when a nation has become the victim of a psychological defeat, then that marks the end of a nation.”
    -Ibn Khaldun, Muqadammah

    What page number is this quote found on in the Muqadammah? I can’t find it anywhere…

    • Not sure…another brother posted it.

  27. Subhanallah! Have Muslims gone to this extreme? Aoozubillahi minashshaytaanirrajim! I ask dua for protection from Allah against this type of propaganda. Assalamu alaikum

    • you are but a sheep who follows on command… your eyes brother … the arrivals with an open heart want to understand and you would not be sharing this stupidity…peace be upon you

  28. Ok I was only scanning through the comments and most of u are giving a negative feedback on The Arrivals. Regardless of the Shia slant or whatnot, the core message of the Arrivals is to remind us that in the midst of all this mess and that the world is really crumbling into pieces bcoz of the obsession of ‘some’ countries with nuclear weapons and war, it asks us to come back to God. And I think for me, that is a very important message. Only in God do we put our trust. Everything else in this world is illusory. The makers of the Arrivals is right. We’re all stuck in the matrix of worldly illusions. It is only our deep faith in God that we can liberate our soul and attain peace. People do make mistakes. And it is better for us to look at the goodness and the sincerity of the person rather than laying out all the mistakes. Before we judge others, we should ask ourselves first. Have we done enough for the Ummah? Have we done enough to prepare ourselves for the Hereafter. Assalammualaikum and peace brothers and sisters.

  29. All you need is love.

  30. Salaam.
    Are we not to expect the coming of the Dajjal?
    Are we the only ones expecting it?
    Will these heralds of the Dajjal not prepare the world for its arrival?
    Are Muslims not supposed to be aware and prepare themselves in faith for its coming?
    Shouldn’t there be Warner’s amongst us?
    I’m looking at the message here and not the methods.
    Again, I personally did not get the feeling of despondency from their message, but rather, that I should sit tight, fortify and prepare should this evil advent be in my day!
    Also, It made me rethink our (Muslims) place in all of this, as the last bastion of true Abrahamic faith whose collective destiny it is, to take the battle to the real beast when it comes and its minions; and that can only happen by rededicating ourselves to the worship of the Almighty.
    If this sentiment is construed by a broad spectrum of Muslims, then the arrivals series cannot be anything else but successful in my opinion (ultimately God is the Judge of that, even as He alone is the Judge of the maker’s intentions).
    The makers of the arrivals are not infallible and their conclusions and deductions may not always be dead-on, but this pales into insignificance compared to the evil that is the Dajjal.
    Their leanings might, be Shi’i but must that stop them from doing what every Muslim must: to prepare to fight the Dajjal with our minds, words and deeds?
    All these petty divisions in theology are exactly what the Dajjal will seek to exploit to weaken and destroy us, and the sooner we put them aside, the better in order for us to see clearly the real enemy, the Dajjal. Let us leave Judgement to The Lord as to which sect is best and focus more on serving Him.
    My humble opinion and I beg forgiveness of anyone it might offend.

  31. you obviously confined to your arab mentality of the creature called the jinn. they can take many form of physical existance except the form of rasulullah pbh. the documentaries assertion that it takes the up an alien type of formation was well within its capability

  32. Only Wahabis will hate this documantry and that is because they have never used their minds or have done critical thinking in their lives. They are just blind followers who care about superficail thing like music being harm. Which it isnt btw. There is diffrence in belief about that in the scholars. And its not even a shia documantry they are sunni. And even if so, the shias are muslims as well. Even if they do shirkiyat and we disagree with them. So long as they say’ La ilha illa Allah’ then we have no right to call them kafir. As that is a kabirah ” من حكم على احدا بالكفر فهو كافر”and is only for Allah to judge. And I bet that convert probably knows this religion far better than you. The fact that you cant even argue your point if proof of that. You may be right, but proove it. Use your mind for once in your life. ‘ Afla tatfakaroon?” And dont just say o h it has weak hadiths or it has music and emphisises with shias. Allah yeheek wi nawir baseratak
    wi yesleh halak.

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