Posted by: Dawud Israel | March 26, 2010

An Important Hadith for our times…

Bismillah, alhamdulillah, wa salat wa salam ala rasulullah

The following hadith describes a great deal about the predicament of Muslims in relation to politics, terrorism and how this relates to the adab of Muslims.

Essentially, you can see how our current situation was predicted by the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam and moreover, how a solution to our current situation was given to us by our Prophet salallahu alayhi wasalam.

ضاف ضيف رجلا من بني إسرائيل وفي داره كلبة مجح فقالت الكلبة والله لا أنبح ضيف أهلي قال فعوى جراؤها في بطنها قال قيل ما هذا قال فأوحى الله عز وجل إلى رجل منهم هذا مثل أمة تكون من بعدكم يقهر سفهاؤها أحلامها

Our master Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-’As said, that the Messenger of Allah, salla Allahu alayhi wa ‘alaa Alihi said:

A man from Bani Isra’il invited someone to his house, and in his house was a pregnant dog. The dog said: By Allah, I will not bark at my owner’s guest. But her pups barked from inside her. It was said: “What is this?” So Allah – ‘azza wa jall – inspired to one of the men that: this is like an ummah that will come after you, whose sufahaa’ (vulgar people) will overpower its hulamaa’ (people of hilm: forbearance).

Narrated by imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal. It is Sahih according to shaykh Ahmad Shakir.

Sufaha’ are those vulgar and foolish people who are easily aroused to reactionary states, while the hulamaa’ are those who patiently persevere and remain clement.

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  1. AA-

    Why can’t sufahaa be applied to the vulgar leaders of the Muslims who have overpowered them unjustly?

    As errant as the terrorists may be, I don’t see them as having overpowered anyone.

    • Of course it applies to them as well! I was just reflecting on how it pertains to terrorism, but you are absolutely correct, it pertains to tyrants as well.

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