Posted by: Dawud Israel | May 26, 2010

Book a Muslim: Effort to Bring together Danes and Muslims

As an attempt to bridge the communication-gap between Danes and the local muslim community, a group of academic muslims have launched a novel form of home-service.

The service is called ‘Book en Muslim’ (Book a Muslim) and it enables people to book a meeting with a young Danish muslim. The meeting takes place either at people’s own homes or at their workplaces.

The objective is to create a platform for dialogue between Danes and Danish muslims who feel caught in between the religious and political fronts that emerged as a result of the Mohammed cartoon saga.

Bookings can be placed through the internet, free of charge.

The illustration is from a previous library-event called “borrow a prejudice”.



  1. Very, very cool. I really hope it works. I think they have a “phone a Muslim”, too.

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