Posted by: Dawud Israel | June 9, 2010

Summer Frustration

This summer is turning out to be very frustrating. I have a number of projects I had planned, and was hoping to have posted on here by the end of the month of June. But because I am on my own, the motivation becomes difficult. On top of that, these are Islamic projects that have, to the best of my knowledge (I could be wrong) never been attempted or done before, so I keep coming up against a brick wall. Other concerns come up: will it be effective? is it worth it? could this potentially be violating a law or a norm that helps people’s belief? will people simply ridicule it and move on without benefiting?

There is always a subtle balance that keeps one on the tip of their toes, constantly working, so that even mundane activities help one think and come up with new ideas. Even with the slightest change, or the slightest absence will throw off  the delicate equilibrium of thoughts and productivity.

You never know where the baraka is hidden.

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