Posted by: Dawud Israel | January 5, 2011

Poem: Where Glances Fall

Some Couplets. You could of course read this entire thing as a poem, since it has some structure or each couple of lines as separate from the others…little bit of amateur modeling off of Shakespeare and mix in the intoxication of my sleepiness. Took 2 hours. 🙂

where doth God’s men, God’s glances there doth fall,
where only that know, ne’er forget the spirits haul

where miracles, are dreams in being, dreamt gone past,
moments of loss, days, years, compete but won’t outlast

the simple intuiting, trotting some path along God’s wind,
cast God’s mast and sail from a whispering till sin rescind

with determination and courage animate what routine only sour,
forget in emotions, breath and remembrance of God’s true power,

diminish us with fear, awe and a humble sigh
and finish us this hope, charity, and smiling ‘why?’

love? is God’s sly glancing, blessing, at my glancing at her
qurb? is my glancing at God glancing then at me, chancing my love, defer

modesty? my glance struck down before God’s knowing glare,
tawbah? my glance’s gown inside where God’s gaze repair

dhikr? my hearts eyes make eye contact with God’s, and my heart doth flutter,
wara? my heart jumps at God’s eyes darting, scanning my sinful stutter

khawf? not knowing but knowing adab to look, look away and look at Omniscience’s trance,
raja? my thankful gambling desperate peeks, patience attends to me before His hospitable glance

dua? my stealing a glance, a word, at Him, whose Face’s yearning fills my heart amazed,
rida? satisfying my opinion of Him, in Muhammad’s* memory, prostrate and dazed

*salallahu alayhi wasalam


qurb means closeness of proximity to God, or drawing close to Allah

tawbah means repentance to Him and turning away from sin

dhikr is remembrance of God

wara is cautiousness or carefulness to preserve faith

khawf is fear of God

raja is hope in God

dua is sincere prayer and petitioning God

rida is contentment


  1. Masha’Allah, I like.

  2. Masha Allah 🙂

  3. MashaAllah this is beautiful and thought provoking!

  4. Beautiful! 😀

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