Posted by: Dawud Israel | January 13, 2011

Outer Beauty Dying, Inner Beauty Endures…


  1. Is this a book? Who is the author?

    • Mhmm. Its the hadith and sayings of the sahabas collection Hilayatul Awliya copiled by the muhadith Abu Nu’aym al-Isfahani (rahimullah). This is the only translation I know of:

      Its great- basically biographies of the sahabas, you get a pretty detailed portrait of 150+ Sahaba. I’m implying a comparison of their blessed inner beauty then, to the strange conceptions of outer beauty today.

      • Jazak Allah!

        Well, its too difficult for people of today to understand the significance of inner beauty. Rather, I have seen people craving both – outer plus inner – which ultimately is sought from the looks, coz, if there are no pleasing looks, a person rarely cared to see the inner beauty. Thats from the point of an observer.

        But, I think a Muslim can of course try to beautify himself.herself internally. There comes the help from these great stories. Insha Allah, I will try to get this book.

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