Posted by: Dawud Israel | February 27, 2011

Bid’a? Rida?

Note: Rida means contentment.


  1. I do not fully understand this. Can you please clarify this. Thank you.

    • I mentioned rida (contentment) because sometimes bid’a has to do with not being content with Islam and therefore turning to alternative practices, whether they are bad bid’a or good bid’a. Point being there to check our hearts about contentment with Allah’s religion and examining our niyyah.

      At the same time, there are somethings that in preserving Islam, in our hearts, minds and souls, its important to be open to some new ideas, strategies and practices that externally might not be explicitly in the Sunnah, but internally, are closer to the state of the blessed hearts of the Sahabas and help foster better practice of the Sunnah.

  2. Very authentic statement, well agreed!!!

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