Posted by: Dawud Israel | March 8, 2011

Prayer and Loneliness


The Alone wishes to save us from loneliness. ‘Come to the prayer!’ -Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad


  1. Love it! mashaAllah

  2. Any suggestions for women to beat loneliness, given that they are not usually able to go out of their homes as regularly as the men?

    • I wish I had an answer for that question. What i’ve seen is reading, having a hobby like knitting or crocheting, or taking Islamic classes or volunteering online with different Islamic programs.

      Saying lots of hawqalas (la howla wa la quwatta illah billah) is a sure-fire cure too.

    • Daily newspapers to know what’s going on and find new routes for Da’wa, Deen lectures on trusted satellite channels (huda, alNas, Daleel, alMajd, etc), SOME internet browsing (don’t exceed 1-2 hours – otherwise this can steal the whole day), surely some baking!, definitely 45 minutes on the treadmill or 15 minutes walk around the flat\house, check out the plants, 30 minutes for 1 Juz of the Quran (train yourself to do this daily), 15 minutes Mukhtasar Sahih alBukhari with explanation of Hadeeth, 15 minutes light reading (magazine, etc), 15 minutes reading on Allah’s beautiful names (I’m currently on M.Ratib Nabulsi’s books), 15 minutes Silat Rahm (kith & kin – ie friends, neighbours, blood relatives) on the phone (no more.. otherwise you migh slip into Gheebah\Nameemah (back-biting), 30 minutes daily Athkar (they add up, you know!), whatever time you need to learn AT LEAST 3 Ayahs daily (try to stick to this, and read them in your Sunnah Salah), a bit of time for, ehem, “self-grooming” – make yourself even MORE beautiful for your husband today!, and if you’re not married, then take this time to make yourself more beautiful for your sisters, because Allah is beautiful, and your beauty is a sign of your pride in your Islam… but don’t let those TWEEZERS anywhere near your EYEBROWS !, don’t forget your brothers & sisters in Islam: Du’aa between Athaan and Iqamah, when rain falls, etc. and, although there’s plenty more suggestions, but i think the 24 hours have run out… so don’t forget your Du’aa to Allah Subhanoh, that he may be with you in your heart day and night, so that you do not feel alone ever again. Salam my good sister. May Allah keep you and your family well in His company, Subhanoh.

      • Jazakallah Khair for the creative suggestions 🙂

  3. beautiful!

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