Posted by: Dawud Israel | April 16, 2011

Absence and Presence

Cold biting air
Cold door handle
Fogged glasses
Cold blasting wudhu
Hurrying cold shoulders
Cold white walls
Tahyat salah cold sujud on concrete


Raspy Entrance duas
Inviting warm buzz of Quran recitation and salawat an-nabi
The smell of pungent musky attar
Entreating Allahu Akbar
An Indian muadhins heartwarming conviction,
Warmup Khutbah duas
Innal hamdulillah…
Check yourself before you wreck yourself
Nahmadu wa nasta’inuhu!


Khateebs Maroon Red shirt
Cozy stylish beard
A Rant about the hot Middle eastern political climate
Rising salawat an-Nabi


Prayer now
Foot to foot, shoulder to shoulder, rising homeostasis
Smell of spice and onions
The warm breath in qirat
The connection, like a lightning crack of ameens
bow, warmth of my hands on my knees
prostrate, breathing to the ground
shin to shin, thigh to thigh
somethings hurting, the warmth of a expiating bruise
Enunciated salams to angels
Rising and falling dhikrs
Rub hands together, place by face, duas, warm breath, ameen.


Bumping into crowds of people
The plops of shoes
Fingers fitting heel
Laces hurry
Rising chatty voices
Eye contact
Faces light up
Goofy smiles
Slurred salams
Head bobble
Joking eyebrow raise
Detached gangster handshakes
Warm fick accents
Thudding shoulder hugs


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