Posted by: Dawud Israel | May 2, 2011

The Death of Tim Osman (aka OBL)


  1. amen, brother

  2. True shuhadah do not hide for ….
    Bit unfair. Man was ill.

    • Perhaps ill in the head too.

      • Slandering a dead believer serves no good brother.

  3. I for one must commend the awareness, OBL = Tim Osman, his codename with see-eye-eh. Word up, good post.

  4. God’s witnesses on Earth

    Adam narrated from Shu’ba who narrated from Abd al-Aziz bin Suhayb who narrated from Anas b. Malik: They passed by a janaza and they said good things about the deceased, whereupon the Prophet said, ‘It has become incumbent (wajabat)’ and then they passed by another janaza and said bad things about the deceased, whereupon the Prophet said, ‘It has become incumbent.’ ‘Umar asked, ‘What has become incumbent?’ The Prophet answered, ‘Of this one, you said good things, so paradise became incumbent for him; and of that one, you said bad things, so hell became incumbent on him; you are witnesses of God on earth.’ (Bukhari, Book of Funerals)

    The Hanafi jurist al-Shaybani (d. 189/805)(153) attributes to the Prophet the view that:

    Mara’a-hual-muslimin hasananfa-huwa’ind Allfh hasanwa ma ra’a-hual-muslimunqabihan fa-huwa’ind Allahqabih. Everything of which the Muslims approve or disapprove is good or bad in the sight of Allah.” (Muwattta Imam Malik)

    Whose Opinion of the Dead?

    Sufyan at-Thawri: “When a deceased person is mentioned, do not look to the opinion of the common people (qawm al-amma), but rather look to the view of the people of knowledge and reason (ahl al-‘ilm wa’l-aql).” (Hilaya)

    Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal: “The imam should not pray over one who has committed suicide, nor over an extremist (ghalin), but the people (al-nas) are to pray over him.” (Ibn Shahin, Nasikh al-hadith wa mansukhuh)

    Justice or Just-us?

    O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm for Allah, witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just; that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do. (Quran. Surah Ma’ida, v. 8)

  5. I suppose it was posted to mitigate your view. Fine. I lost, you won. Wassalam

  6. It’s up to Allah to judge the believers once they leave the world even if that person is a sinner or transgressor. Remember although the Sahaba used to fight and condemn the Khawarij, they still prayed over them and buried them in Muslim cemeteries, the same goes for the early orthodox believers with regards to the Mu’tazila and other heretical sects. I read this recently in a translation of Shaykh Sulaiman ibn Abdul Wahhab’s “Divine Lightning”, well worth a read, most of it is quoted from the works of Ibn Taymiyyah to refute Salafi beliefs.

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